They Called Her Broken (Can A Broken Soul Be Fixed)  by Jasmine2785
They Called Her Broken (Can A Brok...by Jasmine Lopez
Edited Chapters (1-6) __________________________________ Joy Roman... Once known as the princess of the pack. She was the Alphas youngest child. She would win anyone's h...
  • hope
  • memories
  • hopeless
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sad quotes :( by crystalwongg
sad quotes :(by crystal wong
"Are you okay?" Always the same question. "I'm fine." Always the same lie. ❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀✿❀ *None of these quotes are written by me unless stated otherw...
  • anger
  • hopelessness
  • completed
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Digits. by CarolineRegier
Digits.by Caroline Louise
""You're mine." He whispers before pulling away. My eyes flutter open and I look to face him. "And I don't enjoy sharing." "You must hav...
  • goals
  • highschool
  • onedirection
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Quite quiet by ephemery
Quite quietby rin
I bleed words Highest rank: #119 in Poetry ❤️
  • depression
  • poem
  • sadness
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The Probabilities of Maybe by wheadee
The Probabilities of Maybeby W H I T N E Y
❝ Am I my brother's keeper? ❞ Unlike most of his peers, starting his senior year of high school is dreadful for seventeen-year-old Nico Brown. It's only been a few short...
  • poetic
  • law
  • african-american
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Friends with Benefits || J.JK by syfaamn
Friends with Benefits || J.JKby ₉₃
"I don't love me and that's how I understand why you don't either." :: :: :: :: ::.. I looked into your eyes in hopes of finding emotion I've been longing to s...
  • selfharm
  • jungkook
  • jeonjungkook
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Ace (boyxboy) **Not Edit** by AnnaBindi
Ace (boyxboy) **Not Edit**by Anna Bindi
His hands felt like ice on my burning body, his touch vacated permanent chills in my mind. The way he was holding on to me, it was like he'd never been loved, like he ne...
  • pain
  • love
  • bond
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Fixing Isabelle by zelaughingqueen
Fixing Isabelleby ✑mars.
✱Disclaimer: please remember that this is a completely fictitious story written for entertainment, not knowledge of psychology, and that locations while real are used in...
  • depression
  • thriller
  • suspense
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Shattered by ephemery
Shatteredby rin
Love may not have happy endings, but it would always be a good story to tell Former "A pen, paper and a broken heart" highest rank: #14 in Poetry
  • numb
  • hopeless
  • hatred
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Poetry From A Depressed Girl by DorothyZhong
Poetry From A Depressed Girlby nerD
I just felt like writing poetry about how I feel so... warning: there might be mentions of death(suicide), and depression( if you cannot deal with that, please don't re...
  • hopeless
  • dark
  • deadinside
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The Abandoned White Pup by willow121
The Abandoned White Pupby willow121
The woods always has something interesting to hide. It could be a family of deer, a cougar or maybe a pack of werewolves. Werewolves are dangerous creatures, hiding fro...
  • abandoned
  • abuse
  • sadness
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Power In Ink by Meadows7rainbows
Power In Inkby Meadow R. C.
Poetry. No subject. Words and phrases. Rhymes and rhythms. No rhyme or reason. Random. ~~~ Broken Cracked open Torn Worn Used Abused Breathing Turned heaving Speaking Wo...
  • poetry
  • random
  • sad
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Discipline  by Olskavick
Discipline by ölskuv
(BTS - Jungkook) Something was wrong... Something was very wrong, but I still followed him. (I do not own BTS, nor do I claim any of this as true. I love BTS, and I'd ne...
  • fear
  • btsfanfic
  • hurt
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Strings (Poems & Thoughts) by AshHalfABlueSky
Strings (Poems & Thoughts)by All The Faults In Our Stars
These are the strings of my heart. Written when I was either falling apart, or building up myself or, just as simple, falling. "He flooded her thoughts every secon...
  • forget
  • forbidden
  • losingmyself
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That Girl I Love Since Then by magical_hime
That Girl I Love Since Thenby Sofia bebe mu
  • romance
  • spoiled
  • bitch
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Aftercare by Olskavick
Aftercareby ölskuv
(BTS - Vkook) Sequel to Discipline (I do not own BTS, nor do I claim any of this to be accurate. This story is purely fictitious and not meant to offend. I also don't cl...
  • taehyung
  • jungkook
  • bts
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Old Roads by Spriha1211
Old Roadsby Spriha Srivastava
I was running again frantically, like a fanatic away from nothingness and towards a man, whose face was hazy, scarred. I can't recognize him. My legs were shaking. I was...
  • alex
  • vogueawards2018
  • nightmare
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wane // poetry by CxrruptedAngels
wane // poetryby 浪 ✵ 羽
highest ↞ ❲#301❳ in poetry on 30th March ↞ ❲#60❳ in poetry collection on 22nd August ↞ ❲#4❳ in hopeless on 23rd August ↞ ❲#7❳ in silence on 23rd August ~~~ In the sh...
  • quotes
  • poetrycollection
  • wattys2018
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Are The Rumors True Mr. Badboy? by uknown0004
Are The Rumors True Mr. Badboy?by unknown
"You'll do anything will you," He sneered playfully, and I groaned, immediately realizing what I had said. "I'll remember that."
  • arrogant
  • jerk
  • goodgirl
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The Life of Being a Fangirl by AlyannaJaneLoyola
The Life of Being a Fangirlby JK's Euphoria 🌈
Isang babae ang adik na adik sa isang Boy Group na ang pangalan ay Bangtan Boys/Bangtan Sonyeondan o mas sikat sa pangalang BTS. Meron siyang pinapangarap na member dun...
  • school
  • friendships
  • romance
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