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Hopeless Stories

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Fixing Isabelle by zelaughingqueen
Fixing Isabelleby mary
✱Disclaimer: please remember that this is a completely fictitious story written for entertainment, not knowledge of psychology, and that locations while real are used in...
  • thriller
  • fix
  • action
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Silent tears. by 123Aquamarine525
Silent tears.by Hooded Hijabi
Hi This is a story about a 20 year old girl . It's not a story it is more of a life experiance . Im not planning to make this into a plain old story where there is a hap...
  • emotional
  • upset
  • book
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Him  [ A Werewolf Tale ] by TheWriterLiz
Him [ A Werewolf Tale ]by ☁ Liz ☁
*Under Editing; Some things might not make sense* When I was 13 years old, my entire family committed suicide, by driving full speed off a thirty foot bridge. Morbid, I...
  • underdog
  • alone
  • arrogant
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She's Bad News by Bright_as_night
She's Bad Newsby Bridget
When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison, Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family. Determined to make it through these la...
  • final
  • reputation
  • betrayal
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"RAIN" by HarmonySummer
"RAIN"by Harmony Summer
Sometimes we feel that we don't belong in this world. We're always judged, always misunderstood. They all think we shouldn't blend in because we're too weird for their e...
  • rain
  • frustrated
  • loneliness
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Feelings are fatal  by emilymarie633
Feelings are fatal by emilymarie633
A snippet of the thoughts that run through my brain.
  • sadness
  • empty
  • hopeless
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Help Me Love by Dirk_Strider413
Help Me Loveby Dirk_Strider413
Ok peoplz! This is my first book, so if you don't like it, thank you for reading it, leave uour comments bellow. This is a Homestuck fanfic. the main character is named...
  • weretiger
  • werewolf
  • beautiful
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poems by alexandriacj
poemsby alexandria
hopeless or deliberately careless. two thousand and seventeen in a few words
  • hopeless
  • love
  • poetry
The Flow Of Verbose  by Tejhasswwini
The Flow Of Verbose by Tejhasswwini Ganesh
The collection of compositions with absolutely no poetic forms and constritions followed. It is an ENJAMBMENT of daily basis. Only the flow of words, sometimes in waves...
  • courage
  • dark
  • love
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Hopeless Romantic by WriterChick4398
Hopeless Romanticby WriterChick4398
Heather is just a regular girl, whose heart has been broken too many times. She is just searching for the perfect guy - the one from books and movies - the one that woul...
  • hopeless
  • love
  • romantic
Unrequited Love by wayelbee_KSH
Unrequited Loveby Way El Bee
It is the feeling of being in love with someone who does not and will never love you back. A feeling where you would do absolutely anything for them to notice you. It's...
  • infatuation
  • selfless
  • lose
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Poetry at Random by TheQuirkyBella
Poetry at Randomby The Quirky Bella
A collection of personal poems about the random things of life.
  • poetry
  • infatuation
  • loneliness
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Please by kirsten_doctarwho
Pleaseby kirsten_doctarwho
  • hopeless
  • sad
  • death
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Hopeless by loraineenriquez7
Hopelessby loraineenriquez7
Aila Beth Buenafuerte... Isang babaeng Hopeless. Hopeless sa lahat ng bagay. Yung parang akala nya alam nya na ang mangyayari pati narin ang FUTURE. Yung babae walang ti...
  • hopeless
  • love
  • ongoing
Existentialism by actualinternetqueen
Existentialismby actualinternetqueen
texts, poems, and more
  • existence
  • text
  • depression
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Secret Link by reena_izrel
Secret Linkby Reena Izrel
Have you ever thought that your secrets would only be locked up in a box, never to be found by anyone at all? Have you ever been thankful that you are living a simple ye...
  • animeworld
  • wattys2017
  • victim
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A Hundred Messages to Mary by Midnight_Carousel
A Hundred Messages to Maryby Sheng
This is the second volume of poetry dedicated to Mary. Part II of "A Hundred Letters to Mary." New poems dedicated and addressed to Mother Mary with whom I am...
  • prayer
  • devotion
  • hopelessness
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In The Darkness by SilentKiller11203
In The Darknessby SilentKiller11203
Problems don't ever really leave, they just get better at hiding and showing up out of the blue. Already having problems with depression, Zephyrine's husband dies, causi...
  • aiden
  • thoughts
  • zephyrine
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