We Talked About Tomatoes: 5 - Moments of Trust

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I fiddled with my pendant hanging around my neck, just under the middle of my collarbone. It was a beautiful, shiny, simple piece of jewelry. An important piece of jewelry. It was a love heart with a couple standing inside it hung on a black piece of string. Bryce gave it to me. Our quarter-year anniversary.

I didn't get him anything, I was new to the whole relationship thing. When he gave it to me I chuckled. It was so cute. Normal guys would wait for their girlfriend, wait for six months or a year. But Bryce wasn't normal, he was everything I wouldn't expect a guy to be. I remember blushing and feeling guilty for not getting him anything. But, truthfully, I thought that it, the feeling of guiltiness, the gift, would've been useless, I thought that my parents would pack up and leave in a couple of months anyway. It was a good thing I was right.


The weeks flew by so fast. So fast that it was two and a half months later and the school term was just about to wrap up. The students and staff would soon be on their week long Easter break. In Lincoln High Easter was the friend version of Valentine's Day. You give a box of chocolates or just a chocolate egg or bunny to someone. That would be the clear signal that they were your friend. It was pretty simple. It was common sense. Not for Georgia Halliwell though, who, clearly, did not know of this little 'tradition'. Besides, she hadn't given out an easter egg since the end of Year 6, the end of her primary school days.

The Lincoln High students buzzed around her, throwing brightly coloured chocolate eggs around and across the ill- and brightly-lit hall, around the class (for which they were scolded sternly for) and around the cafeteria. It was mania, and Georgia Halliwell was confused. They still give these out? she asked herself. She didn't think that eggs were immature or anything of the sort. She did know that the school she last went to hadn't done this. Then again, that school was across the country, borderline Canada. A different place.

Surviving through the louder than usual periods one and two, Georgia clacked her suede, brown, lace-up, ankle boots down the hallways and onto the oval to meet up with her, what she could now call, close friends. This was proven when they had all chipped in to buy her a cute, straw basket full of colourfully wrapped chocolate eggs and one smiling bunny.

At first Georgia had felt guilty as everyone passed each other a bunny or egg around. But she was soon comforted and reassured by them. Georgia felt so glad and light when they did that. They were real friends. Close friends. Maybe the closest she'd had since Year 8.

Apart from sweet Bryce, who had given her an extra stuffed, white, fluffy bunny holding a heart shaped chocolate, Steph was her closest friend there. Steph had already trusted Georgia so much that Steph had started to tell her all these things. These serious matters that Georgia hadn't known Steph had survived through. After all, Steph was bright and happy. Although Georgia knew it, she was still a little taken aback when Steph told her serious things that she hadn't even told Ivy yet. But that might be because Ivy hung out more with the guys than Steph. And the fact that Steph was pretty sure Ivy didn't even like her that much and just tolerated her.

Steph was wrong though, Ivy liked her. Trusted her, even. But Ivy was never a girl's girl, and she was too stubborn to change herself to hang around Steph too much. Ivy was afraid she'd lose the 'tomboy' side of herself and turn into someone like Steph; overly cheerful, girly, blonde and extremely close, in what Ivy perceived as borderline clingy, with their boyfriend.

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