We Talked About Tomatoes: 19 - Here Comes the Bride

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"Is this Georgia Halliwell?"


"Ahh, it's Jordan. Look, there's been some sort of problem. The contract . . . it's been advanced, I guess you could say. The client . . . he's a fussy little bugger. He wants you to start a week and a half earlier. I'm so sorry. He is willing to pay bonus though."

"Oh. A week and a half?"

"Originally it was two weeks but a couple of days was all we could get. Sorry. That buys you enough time to say goodbye and pack everything else though, right?"

"Umm. Yeah. Thanks for calling."

"No worries. Well, I'll be calling if anything else comes up. Bye."

That just halved her leftover time here. There was the whole of notifying everyone. She was panicked now. Before she thought: Three weeks! That's ENOUGH time! But now it was half of that and well, having the ONE there made it seem a whole lot shorter. What would she do?

What about Bryce?

Bryce had kissed her. She kissed back. Rachel was gone. Rachel was nonexistent. But Australia was there. It would always be there unless that island decided to sink itself - which, let's face it, is going to be pretty unlikely. Georgia had signed a contract. In a way, she had already left.

Georgia still hadn't told anyone. Apart from Ivy who had cooled down and swapped details and Steven who encouraged her to follow her dream not her social life. Georgia thought that was great. She was all for "don't need a guy to be happy". She was.

So why was it that every time she thought of leaving everyone and Bryce did she had this sick, sinking feeling in her gut?


Georgia hurried. She felt jittery. This day she had the impression that she was on a roller coaster. It made her sick to the stomach but she was having fun. She quickly put on her foundation, mascara - careful not to poke herself in the eye, which she did - and lipstick/gloss. She slipped into her heels then half-ran to Steph's room.

She was blown away. She'd seen the make-up. She'd seen the hair. She'd seen the dress. But, together? Steph looked like a goddess from Greece. Her beach blonde hair was curled. It was up in a intricate ponytail that was high but looked low. It was a bit loose, corkscrew curls hanging around her face. The rest of her shining hair was all in one curl and draped over her tanned shoulder. She had these pearls in waved into her hair and a clip that held her white veil.

Her face was simple. Right now she looked crazy, screaming at her mother and wanting to eat some food. Georgia laughed, asking around what she could do to help. Her make-up wasn't on too think. Dark eyeshadow was artfully blended into pink. Her lips were nude pink and glossy. Her dress was slim - Steph claimed she didn't want anyone knocking into her dress and causing her to fall over. Smart decision, Georgia agreed.

It loosely wrapped around her curves and just by looking at it you could tell it was soft. It was kind of cream and kind of an off-white at the same time. It had an empire waist and a triangular neckline. Below her knees the fabric started to unravel and seemed to grow. The train and the material towards her feet looked like waves in the water. Steph looked beautiful. The good thing was it suited everything about her. It wasn't too complex, extravagant or rich.

Steph saw Georgia and squealed. "You look perfect! See? Aren't greek goddesses the way to go?" Steph smiled. Her heart was beating so fast. Her stupid stomach was grumbling. Her eyes had developed this hungry, hurried look. As if she wanted things to happen already - but she wanted to savour it at the same time. Steph put a hand to her belly. "Girls," she said, looking around to her bridesmaid, mother and maid of honour, "thanks for dealing with my antics this past few hours. I know I probably caused Giselle to burn herself with the curler as well as many others with the straightener. But you know what? I'm getting married! I'm a Misses!"

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