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The Baby and the Battlefield by CarolinaC
The Baby and the Battlefieldby CarolinaC
A baby? On a battlefield? Marcus is a clerk in the Imperial army. When he finds an abandoned baby on a battlefield, he has no idea what to do with her. His best friend i...
  • teen
  • castle
  • battlefield
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Betrayal knows my name ✔ by dreamkiddjmc
Betrayal knows my name ✔by Julie-Ann Callender
They say blood is thicker than water. They also say that family is defined by those who stand by you and help you at your worst. But when loyalty is worth as much as the...
  • gay
  • disloyal
  • unloved
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Caught off Guard by psychsilhouette
Caught off Guardby psychsilhouette
This is the goodbye poem to my ex. Two weeks after I broke up with him, I found out he was cheating on me from beginning to end and this is how I release any hurt or ang...
  • breakup
  • disloyal
  • growth
Diary of loyal girl by Sweety_toffler
Diary of loyal girlby Sweety_toffler
I don't know how to describe it... I hope you guys enjoy it... don't forget to put your comments ok
  • disloyal
  • hurt
  • lover
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Happiness is a choice Unedited by Lakhens25
Happiness is a choice Uneditedby Lakhens25
the story its a about four childhood friends facing life challenges and helping each other get through them
  • relationship
  • stability
  • trust-issues
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Someone Like You (Completed) by KirstieH
Someone Like You (Completed)by Kirstie H
He's a player, he's hot and he's stubborn. Everyone knows it- especially him. Shes never been kissed, she's unnoticed and she's shy- no one knows her. They've never met...
  • nerdy
  • guy
  • disloyal
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Years of Harm by ShavontaPoindexter
Years of Harmby Shavonta Poindexter
Denise finds out her fiancé of many years has a child she knows nothing about and she has to figure out why Todd acting so strange!
  • romane
  • love
  • disloyal
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Brothers best friend- E.D G.D N.G by Leeweeteepee43
Brothers best friend- E.D G.D N.Gby DolanTwinTuesday💋⭐️
I'm Olivia Dolan but I'm usually called liv, and also usually associated with my vine and YouTube famous brothers Ethan and Grayson or more commonly known as 'The Dolan...
  • nate
  • twins
  • fifteen
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Thursday. by CJLabbe
Thursday.by C.J Labay
Sometimes... You can't help who you catch feelings for. What do you do when you have to choose between your blood and your heart? A 5 part short story series by CJé
  • thursday
  • fiction
  • romance
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You with her by peninab
You with herby peninab
  • heartbreak
  • friendship
  • love
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He's Mine: COMING SOON!! by GoregousT_17
He's Mine: COMING SOON!!by GoregousT_17
Ariel Jones was head over hills for the love of her life Torrence Stevens. Torrence & Ariel have been together since they were 16 years old & they are each others first...
  • disloyal
  • love
  • cheater
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Real Lies  by Sliimassme
Real Lies by Sliimassme
Mira just broke up with her ex boyfriend Chris .. buh soon she meets a guy named king .. she will have obstacles to come along buh she will will overcome them with her B...
  • disloyal
  • feelings
  • love
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our lucifer is lonely by Neptooia
our lucifer is lonelyby Neptooia
devilish • dev·il·ish /ˈdev(ə)liSH/ 👺 adjective 1. like or appropriate to a devil in evil and cruelty. "devilish tortures" synonyms: wicked, evil, accursed, s...
  • popular
  • 8thgrade
  • gay
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Truthful Liars by fatfaceheart
Truthful Liarsby fatfaceheart
Every truth tells a lie. Three friends. One murder victim. Two suspects. ...
  • bestfriendsforever
  • thriller
  • deceipt
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Intuition  by TKRenea
Intuition by H.E.R.
The first moment of disappointment.
  • lies
  • disloyal
  • poetry
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I Saw Red by BuickMackane
I Saw Redby BuickMackane
Warrant's Jani Lane and successful model, Nicole Clarke, are one of music's favourite couples of the '80s. Together since November 1983, they have kept the media happy f...
  • disloyal
  • relationship
  • gunsnroses
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Maybe one Day  by AnabelRodriguez300
Maybe one Day by 。^‿^。
Jack is a normal girl with a normal life and family she couldn't ask for more. But when puberty started coming she couldn't resist the anger of eating and everyday becam...
  • badboy
  • disaster
  • bully
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The Mafia kings  love  triangle  by imanakaml
The Mafia kings love triangle by imanakaml
Rose Mikaelson has just graduated from university and is looking for a job , Stephano Camora is a eligible bachelor owner of the multi-billionaire company Camora en...
  • italian
  • regret
  • choosing
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We Talked About Tomatoes by someone123
We Talked About Tomatoesby someone123
Georgia Halliwell is the new girl at Lincoln High. She is shy and quiet - she is a loner. Then Bryce comes along. He introduces her to his childhood friends, friends tha...
  • georgia
  • hopeless
  • school
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