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Best Friends? Laurence X Reader [COMPLETED] by VCReading1098
Best Friends? Laurence X Reader [C...by V
1st Book Of The Laurance x Reader Series <<<<<<<<<Main Books>>>>>>>>> -1st Book: Best Friends? -2nd Book: We Meet A...
  • shadowknights
  • ivy
  • gene
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Off to Neverland by MP13Girl
Off to Neverlandby McKenna
Ivy is a poor, misunderstood girl who isn't afraid to stick up for herself. The Lost Boys are four wealthy boys that are used to getting whatever they want. Mix them tog...
  • jack
  • unrequited
  • snob
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DC Females x male reader [18+] by Digit76
DC Females x male reader [18+]by Neo
Read the note at the start for information. All of these are lemons and are not intended for children.
  • supergirl
  • girl
  • catwoman
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Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader] by FriendsWithFandoms
Zane' Wish [Zane x Reader]by Mystic
~MyStreet Themed~ After seeing Aaron and Aphmau perfectly together it makes Zane want to find love. He's tired of being teased by his siblings and ALWAYS Travis Aphmau...
  • garroth
  • chan
  • travis
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Egsel The Vulgar by Shainnnggg
Egsel The Vulgarby Shanny
[SLOW UPDATES] "Both..." he trailed off and started to walk towards me. "I hate how you easily play tricks with me despite my very bad mood, and I hate ho...
  • inosente
  • humor
  • teenfiction
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Fun in the Oven by elionwy18
Fun in the Ovenby Christine M. Greenleaf
After some unusual physical changes, Harley Quinn consults a doctor to discover that she's pregnant. But when she tries to tell the Joker, things don't quite go to plan...
  • quinn
  • scarecrow
  • two-face
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|I V Y| ⇉Enoch O'Connor (Completed) by GoldLagoon
|I V Y| ⇉Enoch O'Connor (Completed)by Tomato 🍅
"What's with that Poisonous tone?" "Boy, I breathe poison" |Enoch O'Connor|
  • completed
  • hollowgasts
  • mphfpc
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Maid of a Pervert by laura945
Maid of a Pervertby Ivy Salamander
Under "intense" pressure on herself, nineteen-year-old Ane Mayflower agrees to work for Daniel Campbell, a son of a successful & rich family, as his personal m...
  • ivy
  • drama
  • loveatfirstsight
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Till I Die by xo6bree6ox
Till I Dieby xo6bree6ox
This is about a young girl named Blue she enters a competition to be the light to Alfie Deyes life. Watch what happens when a tragedy encounters that makes her the impos...
  • cancer
  • ivy
  • zoella
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Ocean Of Happiness by happiness827
Ocean Of Happinessby happiness
#1 happiness on 3/3/2019 #4 ipkknd on 2/3/2019 #10 Khushi 2/3/2019 It's a story of Arnav and Khushi It starts during payash's marriage What if guptas consider khushi as...
  • love
  • ipkknd
  • kkgsr
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My Robotic Boyfriend by Emelradine
My Robotic Boyfriendby Nora Rebecca JPee
I ordered a boyfriend, Crazy right? I kinda have a good reason for that... Ivy Fisher was the definition of Forever Single, she has never ever had a boyfriend. Senior ye...
  • electronics
  • trevor
  • love
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send my love × Jasper Hale by kirapaynex
send my love × Jasper Haleby Kira Alice ✿
✿ COMPLETED ✿ Jasper Hale kept a secret from his family since he joined them with Alice all those years ago. In the late summer of 1862 his young lover gave birth to a s...
  • alicecullen
  • saviour
  • volturi
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The Ivy League by ella_enchanted
The Ivy Leagueby Ella
They are the elite: the people to be, the group to be a part of. They are The Ivy League. When sarcastic, headstrong Courtney Meyers receives an invitation to join them...
  • leslie
  • league
  • ellen
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Alpha's Rogue (first book in the 'Alpha's Rogue' series) UNDER GOING EDITING  by Puppylover247
Alpha's Rogue (first book in the '...by daughter of hades <3
When you're a rouge, the last thing you want is to run into a pack. Especially if that pack is one of the largest in the world. Rouges are loners, they survive and thriv...
  • alpha
  • cole
  • mate
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the suicide project by northrenlights
the suicide projectby stray dog
su·i·cide; ˈso͞oiˌsīd/ [noun] 1. the action of killing oneself intentionally. 2. intentionally kill oneself. a story of a senior high school student faking her own dea...
  • fake
  • death
  • suicide
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In Another Life III by elionwy18
In Another Life IIIby Christine M. Greenleaf
Yet another alternate universe story about the first meeting between Jack Napier and Harleen Quinzel, who would later become the Joker and Harley Quinn.
  • batman
  • joker
  • catwoman
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Peter Pan by Typingrrrl
Peter Panby Raven (I'll probably will be...
The land of Neverland is not what you expect. The mermaids are black soulless creatures, the lost boys huh they aren't scared little kids. Their teenagers with the force...
  • ivy
  • mermaid
  • lostboy
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Another Alike (Player x reader)(discontinued) by Rxsali
Another Alike (Player x reader)(di...by MAxX and VaLErIe
Player x reader 😊☺
  • characterxreader
  • ivy
  • finn
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Carmen Sandiego one-shots! by LEVIxHAWKINS
Carmen Sandiego one-shots!by Levi
💖On Temporary Hiatus💖 Just as the title says: one-shots of characters from the Netflix 2019 series Carmen Sandiego! Requests always open!
  • crackle
  • mimebomb
  • lechevre
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Nicki Minaj's Daughter by iamkyra_
Nicki Minaj's Daughterby Author
12 year old Kamiyah Onika Minaj lives in a foster home.. She only knows what her foster mother told her about her parents. Being bullied at school and then coming home...
  • beyonce
  • adopted
  • solange
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