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We, The Crystal Gems [Steven Universe x Gem!Reader] by ded_atm
We, The Crystal Gems [Steven Just A Fellow Sinner
/////DISCONTINUED///// /////DISCONTINUED///// /////DISCONTINUED///// After the Great Gem War, the Homeworld gems fled Earth, leaving all the weapons, and gems behind, co...
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My Red Diamond ♢ by YaoiFanFam
My Red Diamond ♢by Yaoi Fan Fam
"Don't leave Y/n,"Blue Diamond said in a pleading voice. Y/n avoided Blue's eyes and then looked at Lars and Steven. "Let's go,"Y/n whispered her voi...
  • amyethest
  • lapis
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Peach Beryl - Steven Universe X Reader by AwesomeAxolotl
Peach Beryl - Steven Universe X AwesomeAxolotl
You are a Peach Beryl, simple as that. However, you are odd in Homeworld standards. Beryls are small, a key factor; you, however, are tall. And, all you've ever known is...
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Yellow Diamond X Female Reader by AlainaRin816
Yellow Diamond X Female Readerby Alaina
  • universe
  • yellow
  • xreader
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No Rest for The Weary| Crystal Gems X Reader by bob2jack
No Rest for The Weary| Crystal Jank
((COVER BY @CARLSRIGHTEYE ON QUOTEV)) Y/n's attempt to be a good person in a wold full of evil backfires and is forced to move to Beach City. Unbeknownst to them, they a...
  • city
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Steven x Connie Story ❤️  Lemon by InesDiva17
Steven x Connie Story ❤️ Lemonby InesDiva
READ, REALLY IMPORTANT : If you are reading this story you need to know this... This is my frist story, and I don't like Connie to be bullied so she is going to have fri...
  • lemon
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Rainbow Quartz 2.0 x Reader by MysticTye
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 x Readerby MysticTye
A special book for a special fusion!
  • steven
  • smutt
  • stevenuniverse
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Guns N' Roses Preferences  by httpslash
Guns N' Roses Preferences by ava
Some preferences of the bad boys of sunset strip and YOU are the main character !! requests are open ! ☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎ Sadly, I do not own Guns N' Roses or anything so I just s...
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Garnet X Reader by Abrabee
Garnet X Readerby Bee
* Reader insert * gender neutral *read the story to find out about your exciting life with the gems! **UNDER MAJOR EDITING** **IF I MESS UP PRONOUNS PLEASE CORRECT ME*...
  • stevenuniverse
  • wattys2018
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My Rightful Standing - Jasper x Gem! Reader by MySmolChemicalBean
My Rightful Standing - Jasper x Sir Chills-A-Lot
My first Steven Universe story! I hope you like it. This is in the perspective of a girl because most of the gems are ladies, so there's your explanation. Please enjoy t...
  • readerxcharacter
  • homeworld
  • xreader
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White Diamond x Female Reader by AlainaRin816
White Diamond x Female Readerby Alaina
Well I didn't just leave that in the description hahaha Idk how to do anything with this because I have no clue what I'm even doing!
  • universe
  • reader
  • diamond
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Blue Diamond x Female Reader by AlainaRin816
Blue Diamond x Female Readerby Alaina
If you didn't come here from the yellow diamond one Welcome I'm a bored teenager that has most of her stories on hold and I haven't seen many, if any, of these out there...
  • blue
  • xfemalereader
  • stevenuniverse
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Into You • That '70s Show  by dreamyaquarius
Into You • That '70s Show by ella
Lola Forman was always just Eric's little sister to Steven Hyde Until one day... .she just wasn't. Editing |That 70s Show| Highest rankings: #2 in #stevenhyde (7/19/18...
  • rock
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rise ➶ captain america [1] by -buterabubbles
rise ➶ captain america [1]by ♡
❝take my hand, we will stand and together we will rise❞ Where she gives him hope, and where he gives her love. ➶ [ captain america// steve rogers ] [ the first...
  • captain
  • newyork
  • steve
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Steven Universe + Robert Tyler Jones by Pokeplushman
Steven Universe + Robert Tyler Pokeplushman
Robert Tyler Jones was an ordinary boy oppressed by his family and peers who just wants a reason to live. When he is kicked out of the house and captured by Peridot, thi...
  • yellowdiamond
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  • jones
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Consequences by SodaliteWrites
Consequencesby Sodalite
Steven, Homeworld, Danger... Diamonds... Those words don't sound too comforting together, right? Who said this was a comforting story? For Steven and the gems, things fi...
  • sad
  • yellow
  • blue
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Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1] by This_CraZy_World
Troublesome ~ Bellamy Blake [1]by Kayls
CURRENTLY EDITING What is they say about curiosity? It killed the cat? Well, in this case, curiosity almost kills the Carter. Several times. Carter Conners was a magnet...
  • finn
  • the100
  • plottwists
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Patience by itssoizzyy
Patienceby veruca salt
Taylor Isbell, the twin sister of Guns N' Roses guitarist, Izzy Stradlin, is in town. The green eyed, vodka loving, punk rock, bass player falls head over heels for the...
  • gnr
  • duff
  • mckagan
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Steven Universe Roleplay!  by _TheLaggyBean_
Steven Universe Roleplay! by _TheLaggyBean_
A magical place for your Steven Universe role play needs, all for you! (And me.)
  • universe
  • roleplay
  • steven
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Lights → Doctor Strange by Lady_Loki_00
Lights → Doctor Strangeby | Lou |
"Doctor Strange." "You know my name?" "You were my last hope." After western medicine failed her, Riley Harper started looking for...
  • lights
  • doctor
  • steven
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