We Talked About Tomatoes: 2 - The Introduction Of the BFFs

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P.S. Have abandoned the TJAI sequel

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"Hey, Georgia The New Girl!" Bryce called out in the carpeted hallway, lit by unflattering, fluorescent lights.

Georgia Halliwell buried her head in her books, desperate not to be noticed. With her different clothes and uncombed hair, it wasn't working. She stood out like a sore thumb, she might as well be a rose surrounded by thorns. Everyone knew who Bryce was calling, interested in why he was calling her, especially since she'd been silently branded 'Weird'.

Bryce was confused. She . . . wasn't responding. Contrary to what others may think, Bryce was slow . . . maybe VERY optimistic and naive was another way to say it. He didn't understand the need to neglect others or treat them any different - like the way he didn't understand exactly why Georgia was ignoring him, especially since he'd been so nice to her the other day. Especially since he was going to ask her out this Saturday.

Georgia kept stomping across the hall to her class, the carpet not giving its desired effect. This guy was pretty persistent. 'Hey, Georgia? What are you doing on Saturday? Because I'm just curious and don't exactly care and am making you think that I'm gonna ask you out. Well, I'm NOT.' This is how Georgia interpreted Bryce. Although she had a feeling, she didn't really know that Bryce was just a curious, little busy-body. Well, no one could really be that stupid or naive, especially when they were a seventeen year old teen. Weren't teens meant to be rebellious, all-knowing and spontaneous or angsty at the least?

Georgia finally made it to first period English, with Bryce hot on her heels, he was in her class anyway. Georgia hadn't calmed down but she had stopped stomping at least. She slipped into her dark green, plastic chair, placing her stack of books on the varnished and graffitied wooden table. Bryce slid into the seat next to her. Georgia continued to ignore him.

Georgia didn't like the fact that she was this aware of him. She didn't like the fact that she was disappointed that Bryce didn't ask her out. She didn't like the fact that her cheeks were colouring and her heart beat was getting much faster and stronger and more annoying.

She didn't like the fact that she might actually like this tomato-talker.

The teacher walked and started English, introducing their new student. The class nodded, already knowing who she was. Georgia blushed furiously. She turned away from Bryce and stared outside the foggy window.

Bryce drowned Miss. Fell's voice out of his head. He was determined to find out why Georgia was ignoring him. Then, a light lit up in his head. It was very junior-high, but hopefully it would do the trick.

He carefully tore off a piece of lined paper from his English notebook to make sure Miss Fell didn't hear the ripping noise. He wrote on it, checking Miss Fell's actions in the corner of his eye. He folded it, checked at who was looking and threw the paper across the row. The paper landed behind Georgia's high-heeled, black, lace-up boots.

Georgia heard something light hit the floor. She inspected the wooden floor that surrounded the legs of herself, her chair and her table. She caught sight of a folded up piece of ripped paper. She picked up the paper and studied it carefully. She shrugged and put it on the student's desk behind her. She supposed that he had dropped it.

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