We Talked About Tomatoes: 15 - Fight Me

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Yupp. Nothing to say except I have been off for a week I had year 8 camp so I've been off camping. Yes, in a TENT in the COLD with NO TOILETS. They gave us a SHOVEL. Ok. We had to cook our dinner. My friend found a maggot in her APPLE that THEY gave US!! O.o that's gotta be against some health regulation or something . . . Well, enjoy the story!!



How long had it been since Nick had been comatose? Honestly, even Steph wasn't quite sure. She just knew she'd been waiting. Waiting so long for him to wake up. For him to marry her. For him to come back to her. It was getting harder to be so chipper. This constant optimism was weighing her down even more. She should be thankful he isn't dead. And sometimes, at the times when she felt the loneliest, she thought it would've been better if he had been dead. To save her from the pain. But that was just plain selfish.

For the first time in months Steph wanted to cry and scream. Throw the largest tantrum that even a toddler couldn't match her anger. She thought hope would help her. It did, sometimes. But it wasn't the cure for Nick. He still lay there. What was he doing in that smart little head of his? Was he dreaming? Could he feel how much she wanted to cry? Could he hear Harriette talking to him everyday? Reading that stupid picture book over and over again. Steph looked so bedraggled. So gaunt, as if she hadn't been eating. She had though, just rarely. When you're crying and explaining to millions of guests why the wedding was postponed it didn't leave much time to be doing something so trivial like eating.

Georgia was great, sure. Even Ivy. Bryce and Harry were there almost as much as she was. They didn't get to stay overnight though - they weren't family. All the support made her hopeful again. But now she just wanted to rant. To whine. To complain. But she couldn't. She had to stay strong in front of everyone. Wasn't that what everyone expected from her? To be bubbly, bright, optimistic?

Steph layed down the flowers next to Nick's bedside table. His eyes were forever closed. Those long dark lashes curling down, grazing the top of his cheeks. He had rough stubble growing along his jaw. Steph sat on his bed. She took his hand and put it in her lap, cradling it with both of her hands. A tear rolled down her cheek. It was good that everyone had gone home. It would suck if they saw her like this. Weak. Nick was never weak. He had this stoic calm and strength.

"Do you smell that? They're your favourite flowers. Yes, I know, guys don't like flowers. These are Chocolate Cosmos. They smell like chocolate, remember? The first time I met you you smelled like chocolate. You love chocolate. Every single type. You love it more than a girl does. Isn't that weird? Like when we visited my parents in Oz. You had a frenzy. My parents thought you were crazy. Oh, Nick, why won't you wake up? I miss you so much. It's so unbelievably hard. I mean, probably not as hard as having a mental battle with yourself, but . . . Nick, I love you. Life is kind of sucking without you."

Steph sniffled and blinked back the tears. She wiped them quickly away as she heard the door rattle. A doctor came in. His smile was friendly and sympathetic. His clean, crisp coat almost gleamed under the glowing light from the ceiling. She nodded absently as he talked. She wasn't processing anything right now. This was her and Nick's ninth anniversary since they started being official boyfriend and girlfriend. Sure, a lot of fights and even a break up in between. But all those fights and all the challenging of each other was because they were sure they weren't going to lose each other.

Happy Anniversary, honey.


"Okay. I'm sorry for saying that to you. It was kind of stupid. But it's true isn't it? They're always saying it in movies!"

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