We Talked About Tomatoes: 6 - The Birds and the Bees

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Good newss!! I finished my art (even though it looks 'ok' :C) ^.^ hehe :P more time for WTAT XD Still have PDH (puke!!) and studying over all to go!! Oh wellzz. Anyhoos, I shall not trouble you anymore avec my school problems and I shall let you read more WTAT!!



I never lost, or 'gave' my virginity to Bryce. But maybe that's because we ran out of time. Or maybe it was because I made us run out of time. At that time, at that age, losing it or giving it away seemed like such a big deal, like such a big commitment to all high schoolers. I won't blame it on Bryce being my first serious boyfriend, but truthfully, I didn't think of it as super important. I didn't find it such a big deal. But maybe it was at that time. Maybe that's why.


After the Easter holidays were over and the minimal partying was done they were back at Lincoln High. Georgia and Bryce were stronger than ever. Ivy and Harry were weaker than ever, they were both being relationship chickens, afraid to lose one another and therefore tolerating with each other with a feeling not close to happiness. Back on Georgia and Bryce, because of their recent closeness, Georgia had started to become more interested in . . . sex.

She had never done it before, and what Bryce had told her, he hadn't either. And knowing Bryce it was unlikely he would lie. So Georgia was quite curious. Not curious enough to actually do it, to start a full, physical relationship. Her and Bryce were still pretty innocent, only reaching first base and not anything after. Georgia wasn't disappointed in the lack of sexual passion in their relationship, she actually felt that saving her virginity might be better. But then again, in the words of Bryce, she was a relationship noob. So she decided to ask someone who did know. Who wasn't a 'relationship noob'.

"So . . . how was your first time with Nick?" Georgia suddenly asked nonchalantly to Steph.

Her and Steph were studying for their big geometry test at Steph's house. They were sprawled on the surprisingly soft carpet, their math books cluttering the spacious room. Again, Georgia was amazed at the houses in this little town. They were grand and decorative and so rich with colour and furniture and everything. It was weird, but it was as if Georgia's house or maybe little street was the small exception. And her house was only a block and a bit away from Steph's house.

Steph's room was painted with a petal pink. Her cream carpet was so plush and soft and comfortable Georgia thought that it might as well be Steph's bed. But Steph's bed was much more grand. It was queen sized with a thick purple duvet covering the spacious area. The walls were decorated with posters from Graazia, FAMOUS, Vogue and many more fashion magazines. On the left side of the room was a single door that lead to her walk in closet. A closet filled with sky high heels, cute flats and colourful sneakers. The clothes weren't particularly Georgia's style, they consisted more of pastel colours and soft and flowy materials. Back in her normal room, Steph had a small black, flat screen TV atop of her chestnut drawer. A long mirror stood in the corner of the room next to the chestnut double doors.

Steph propped herself up on her elbows higher and looked at Georgia with amusement. Georgia continued taking notes about Geometry, looking from her textbook to her notebook. She was playing as if she hadn't actually asked the sudden question.

"Why? Do you and Bryce want to do it soon?" Steph asked back, peering closely at Georgia so Georgia would finally look up from the books.

It had worked. Georgia turned her head to face Steph, her long locks of hair sweeping the paper. She pressed her blue ballpoint pen against her lip lightly. "Not necessarily. I'm just curious, in case we do."

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