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Tokio Twins  || Tokio Hotel  by wolf3458
Tokio Twins || Tokio Hotel by Anonym
The fictional character y/n who is forced to join the band Tokio Hotel. While initially reluctant, y/n soon begins to fall in love with the band and with Bill and Tom in...
When You're Ready ➸ S. Mendes ✔ by bobasmarvel
When You're Ready ➸ S. Mendes ✔by 𝐣𝐨𝐲
[ C O M P L E T E D ] in which a 17-year-old gymnast meets a 19-year-old singer at her family's hotel and their friendship blossoms into a complicated relationship ☆☆☆ |...
Chasing The Forbidden | ✔️ by anne_luvs
Chasing The Forbidden | ✔️by Anne
"My inspiration was her." Mackenzie couldn't help but get angry at the thought of spending the summer with her famous brother and away from her home team. She...
floating | ✓ by njhpiper
floating | ✓by njhpiper
Gwen Bradbury has seen the end. Gwen Bradbury has learned fighting again. ****** Gwen Bradbury's life is torture to her. She...
Pain of love || tokio hotel  by kaulitzstarz
Pain of love || tokio hotel by <3
And we go on On and we go on on And on and on and on We don't belong, we don't belong, belong to any one The pain of love will last for ever Promise me, promise me We ce...
Locking Stars (Stars Series #1) by mahogany153
Locking Stars (Stars Series #1)by mahogany153
Ash is an anxious but determined English major who knows what she wants. Derek is a mysterious hockey player who's got a big reputation. Can they learn new things about...
UNINTENDED LOVE - (MaNan)  by star-lily
UNINTENDED LOVE - (MaNan) by star-lily
Set in New York city and India. A story of a simple college girl and an emerging Rockstar. She keeps her life private and he posts everything about his life on social me...
Tom Kaulitz imagines  by grimezxkaulitzlover
Tom Kaulitz imagines by grimezxkaulitzlover
No smut, the rest of the band member WILL BE IN IT SO SHUT UP I LOVE GUSTAV AND GEORG Also everything I write is a total joke like McDonald's drive thru and smash burger...
GnR • Heaven's door by justsumfantrash
GnR • Heaven's doorby MeddowsQueen
❃ "Mama take this badge from me, I can't use it anymore. It's getting dark, too dark to see. Feels like I'm knocking on Heather's door" A Guns n' Roses story...
WARNING: book contains many sensitive topics - death used to scare me a lot actually, but i'm not scared of it anymore. in fact getting my eyelashes pulled out by my ey...
ᴅᴏᴡɴ ✔️ by tinajomattel
ᴅᴏᴡɴ ✔️by 💛
"I shot for the sky I'm stuck on the ground So why do I try I know I'm gonna fall down" "I thought I could fly So why did I drown? Oh, it's coming down, d...
𝙒𝙃𝘼𝙏 𝘼 𝙁𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙆 by iheartfranki
𝙒𝙃𝘼𝙏 𝘼 𝙁𝙍𝙀𝘼𝙆by iheartfranki
"I hate you." "I hate you more." "That's not possible." TW: •SELF-HARM MENTIONS •SMOKING SLOWBURN
one for one || Hunter Sylvester by yrlclmtlhd
one for one || Hunter Sylvesterby slvt 4 Kirk Hammett
New school, new enemies, new friends, new boyfriend?
More Than a Toy(Gwen Stacy x Depressed Lonely Guitarist Male Reader) by WaterWolf45
More Than a Toy(Gwen Stacy x WaterWolf
Y/N has been the boyfriend to Gwen Stacy for years, but when she breaks up with him, he is left heartbroken... until one night he sees a commercial for the popular toy...
Sugar • Slash by slutsyfaith
Sugar • Slashby slutsyfaith
🤍Slash Hudson🤍 A man I could only dream of stood right before me, close enough to see the darkness of his eyes, the intricate curls of his hair, the softness of his sk...
Our Love Story |Luka Couffaine × Reader| by alazyass_
Our Love Story |Luka Couffaine × Lazy Butt
"Wow- Your Sneakers are awesome! Did you decorate them yourself?" "Yeah! I've written every nice thing that anyone's ever said to me, to keep them with m...
The band's guitarist. (Tom kaulitz) by Ellxma
The band's guitarist. (Tom kaulitz)by Ellxma
Eleanor has just transferred to her only friends school aka Kiara and Kiara is nagging her to meet her boyfriend but when they meet they get a connection and before you...
Kiss Me Hard (Kirk Hammett) by mayl0i
Kiss Me Hard (Kirk Hammett)by mayli
{BOOK ONE} This book takes place from 1984-1990. Audelia Summers a girl who just moved from Aberdeen, Seattle to San Francisco meets the lead singer of Metallica and the...
Lost In Amsterdam by drivingwithwords8790
Lost In Amsterdamby drivingwithwords8790
You book yourself a holiday to go and see Hailee Steinfeld live on tour, on your way back to the hotel you fall...