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Tornado  by livesinheart
Tornado by Shafaque
There is no stopping when once the tornado gets loud.
  • fat
  • destroy
  • tornado
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A Doormat's Point Of View by Kris_Nugget
A Doormat's Point Of Viewby Kris_Nugget
The reality of a doormat's thought and being...
  • sadpoems
  • depressing
  • hurt
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Treadmill by Empyrean
Treadmillby Empyrean
  • delusion
  • doormat
  • life
I'm not a DOORMAT EDITING (More chapters on AUG 15) by amazingkesha5
I'm not a DOORMAT EDITING (More Kara
At the multi million dollar branded franchise there's a woman named Fae . Fae is a 26 year old woman often known as the pillow or doormat of her work place. Fae wants t...
  • love-hate
  • love
  • work
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The perspective of a doormat by letgoftheropes
The perspective of a doormatby Emma
In a normal street was a not so normal house. The windowsills are yellow and placed in artistic places. The grass is cut to a strange hight and a bit zig zaggy. In the v...
  • humor
  • funny
  • dog
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Strange Dreams(on Hold) by Rin-chan_Asuna123
Strange Dreams(on Hold)by Asuna123
Ella is 21 she has 2 best friends one called Kylie and the other Sally, Kylie is older than Ella and Sally by one year they all go to the same university called Kingsw...
  • dreams
  • redeyes
  • university
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We Talked About Tomatoes by someone123
We Talked About Tomatoesby someone123
Georgia Halliwell is the new girl at Lincoln High. She is shy and quiet - she is a loner. Then Bryce comes along. He introduces her to his childhood friends, friends tha...
  • sweet
  • issues
  • leave
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She Doesn't Love You by IndivisoCorde11
She Doesn't Love Youby Jesse
  • naive
  • blind
  • doormat
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Love Stinks by StarvingArtist987
Love Stinksby Crystal
  • doormat
  • suffering
  • struggle
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Diamond In The Light by Erulastiel
Diamond In The Lightby Erulastiel
  • erulastiel
  • sadness
  • noticed
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Would Disappearing Be The Worst Thing Ever? by alexa_ackles
Would Disappearing Be The Worst ᎯℒℰXᎯℕⅅℛᎯ ℋᎯℒℒ
Disappearing doesnt sound too bad at this point. Here's the story from my shoes... I dont know what this is.. I guess its just emotions that built up. I honestly dont kn...
  • doormat
  • life
  • disappearing
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Strawberries & Cigarettes  by Angsty_Angel
Strawberries & Cigarettes by Ash Lynn
There was never a point in time in which I was truly happy with who I was. I was the type of person who would never say no to anyone. The type of person everyone wa...
  • stopcaring
  • doormat
  • troyesivan
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