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Journey by Dranciaa
Journeyby Drancia
In the aftermath of a devastating car accident that shatters their world, Omar and his younger sister Hussaiba find themselves thrust into a poignant journey of courage...
Things of Little Importance - JHS by AngelRoseTurner
Things of Little Importance - JHSby 천사
"I-I went running. I'm in the forest Hoseok, I'm lost." Your voice shook as you told him but before you could even ask for help, you heard him jump up. "...
Late Night thoughts by _missjei_
Late Night thoughtsby Jei_writes
Words unsaid. The love untold.
The Importance of a Kwami [Book 1] | Miraculous Fanfiction [#MLWattyAwards] by Autumnpips
The Importance of a Kwami [Book 1] Hazel
Marinette Dupain-Cheng supposedly lives a normal life in Paris, going to a French school, and has a crush on a boy called Adrien. However, she leads a double life as a s...
Parvaah.... by nandinigaurkyy
Sometimes we take the people, who gave up their everything for us too much granted that it's too late to understand what important role they play in our lives. Here is...
Intimacy Currency GOLD SERIES #3 (SOON- ON GOING) by late_sha
Intimacy Currency GOLD SERIES #3 ( devourenayis
When you like something you need is 'currency', if you find something that has a high quality you're needed is 'intimacy'. Between these two are, which is the most imp...
Chal ghar chale, mere humdum.. by Shreena_Manat21
Chal ghar chale, mere _Shree_
Husband trying to convince his wife to come back home after their major fight. Realisation hit him hard, when he gets to know how incomplete he's without his wife. One s...
Intertwined Fates ° Connected Strings ~Keikoyona  by Jinvxyyyy
Intertwined Fates ° Connected Loxie Danheng
°Keikoyona° >× 'Protect what or who you love' A phrase often heard in many places Just like what the phrase said, Protect what or who you love because it's one of the...
👼 Angel and Demon 🧛  (The Forbidden Love) [COMPLETED✓] by Lady_Kizuna14
👼 Angel and Demon 🧛 (The Kizuna_WP
A forbidden love of a Demon and an Angel. Would they fight for their love? Would they survive their love? Started Writing: November 2020 Finished: May 2021
Atonement? by Lusterdragon72
Atonement?by Danieljames Joaquin Domar
We all have regrets. We all smile. We all frown. Sometimes all we need is an encouraging word from others or seeing that someone else is also going through pain to under...
Folic Acid - Fueling Your Body's Vitality with Vitamin B9 by uyirorganic
Folic Acid - Fueling Your Body's
By understanding and harnessing the importance of Vitamin B9, individuals can fuel their bodies with the necessary vitality to lead healthy, active lives. https://uyiron...
Pavitra Rishta (Completed) by AshiSai
Pavitra Rishta (Completed)by AshiSai
This Is my first Short Story.. its my fantasy Story.. which will describe a true relationship.. which made by destiny.. read and enjoy #AngelAshu
¿Who's the love of my life¿ |Taketo|? or |Yamato Kougami|? by xyun_koigami
¿Who's the love of my life¿ | SophiaBelleRabaja👑
A story begins with two persons whom which both of them strived to do their best to reach their main goal, several things happened but would April choose... June or July...
Essays and Stuff by Light_ofeyezz
Essays and Stuffby Light_ofeyezz
Has it ever happened that you open your old notes and be like, "Woah, I wrote this? What happened now? :p", cuz same. 1. I am compiling the essays and stuff I...
Words Fallen with Autumn's Leaves by KatherineK
Words Fallen with Autumn's Leavesby Katherine
Just words and thoughts a bit different then my other poetry, but let's give it a try :)
Z: Being a FRIEND by DocBayMax
Z: Being a FRIENDby DocBaymax
"I don't know what I am, I don't know how I existed, I don't know why I've been flying around the skies for as long as I can remember. I barely know anything. Then...
Everyone is important. by Alohahossain
Everyone is Aloha Hossain
Everyone is important in our life. I guess :)
Seecret thingys by PinkSheep899
Seecret thingysby Prankster Gangster
This contains the most valuble, most important and most treausred fact in the world.
Falling Snowflake by LifeSavingLove
Falling Snowflakeby LifeSavingLove
There once was a girl who was more than imperfect. More so that the rest of the world. Everyone would try to bully her. The girls, the boys, but she blocked out all of t...