We Talked About Tomatoes: 13 - Trouble

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Hope you guys are enjoying your holidays (and for those who aren't on 'em, sorry! Hope you're having fun/coping at school!) If you haven't noticed I haven't updated Cross My Heart, like I said, if not many particularly love it I'll just postpone it a lil and cont with WTAT. Hope you understand. I'm not saying go read CMH(IIHO) so I'll update. It's just hard for me to do two things at once, I'm not the best multitasker on the planet. So unless it's on high demand I don't feel the need to hurry updating it. Thanks for understanding!!



"How about Harriette? What's up with that?" Harry asked Georgia.

They had moved away from the subject of Ivy, but little did Harry know that they were still on it. Georgia dreaded this question. What should she say? What COULD she say? Ivy had never drawn clear lines of her restrictions of telling Harry. So Georgia wasn't sure what she could and could not say. But didn't Harry deserve to know that Harriette wasn't his?

"I told you Harriette isn't yours," Georgia replied with a sigh. Oh, Ivy, she said in her head. If only she were there to explain.

"She's almost six. Come on, Georgia, I'm not stupid. I know how to do math. It's clear that she's -"

"She's too old to be yours Harry. Too old. She's not yours." Great, Georgia thought, Now I'm gonna look like a mega-slut who cheated on Bryce twice.

Harry was confused for a moment. He didn't understand. "But that night was your first-"

"Harriette isn't mine, Harry. I mean, I've raised her ever since she was born but biologically, she isn't mine."

Georgia thought that this confession should've made her feel lighter. And it did, but just for a tiny moment. It felt good to share something, to relieve yourself of a burden. But that burden was still that; a burden. Georgia felt her brain over-thinking. She felt guilty because it felt wrong to tell Harry, even if he did deserve to know. She felt guilty for betraying Ivy. Anger bubbled up inside her as she found it helpless to blame Ivy. It was all Ivy's fault. Then finally she felt childish. Harriette was hers and Georgia had accepted it. Why force the blame on someone else? So whose fault was it now?

Georgia sighed. "She's the daughter of a friend from New York," Georgia lied. She hated this. She didn't like lying. Especially since Harry deserved to know about Ivy. About everything. But that was Ivy's job, Ivy's problem. Ivy should tell Harry.

"Oh. Sorry," Harry responded finally.

"Don't be," Georgia replied with a wry smile. "I wouldn't blame you for jumping to that conclusion." Georgia thought of what to say next. "So, I told Bryce I'm in love with him. Still," Georgia laughed sadly.

Harry's eyebrows furrowed, forcing his forehead to crinkle. He tried to decipher her laugh. Was it embarrassed? Yes. Was it sad? Definitely. For a second Harry pitied her. He also felt the overflowing shame and guilt. After all, if it weren't for him and his stupidity they might be on the same page as Steph and Nick.

"I'm sorry. If it makes you feel better I don't think him and Rachel are that serious. I mean, he never even took her to his spot. You were the first."

Georgia smiled sadly and shook her head. "That doesn't make me feel better but thanks for trying, Harry. I'm sorry I lead you to believe Harriette was mine."

"She is," Harry replied with a half-shrug. He absent-mindedly placed a hand over her small, smooth one. He squeezed it tight, giving her reassurance. Georgia gave him a small smile and squeezed back. There were still things to be done. Things still to be said. Whether to Ivy or to Bryce. It wasn't over. Georgia wasn't going to run away. It's just the start.

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