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Jump | H.S. by trashydarlin
Jump | H.S.by molly
{BOOK ONE} ❝I will protect her.❞ + Copyright © 2014 trashydarlin trailer to the side made by @EllieD1717
  • cops
  • girl
  • direction
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Falling For You (A Hayden Christensen Fanfic) by Theamazingspidermann
Falling For You (A Hayden Christen...by Theamazingspidermann
Set in 2007-2008 I first meet Hayden while filming the movie Jumper. Are we Just friends or is there something more?
  • haydenchristensen
  • jumper
  • starwars
50 shades of Baa Baa Black (Shaun the sheep fanfic) by cfizzleindahizzle
50 shades of Baa Baa Black (Shaun...by CaitlinFerguson6
Lola the sheep is innocent, naive and sweet. As a favour to her flock mate Timmy, she goes to interview the wealthy, beautiful Shaun the Sheep. He is transfixing, enigma...
  • jumper
  • timmy
  • white
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Jumper [Book One Of The Clara Conn Trilogy] *ON HOLD* by alexan629
Jumper [Book One Of The Clara Conn...by A.K Pinto
[N E E D S S E R I O U S E D I T I N G] ↓↓↓↓↓ I've never understood why the world finds a need for war even after our universe has crashed, even after our home has b...
  • evil
  • mystery
  • sciencefiction
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Dimension Jumper! (Kamisama Kiss) by Not-So-Grim
Dimension Jumper! (Kamisama Kiss)by Victoria Melody Grim
||ON HOLD|| (Book 2) The author needs a little help. (Y/n) gets to travel back to world she was forced to leave and continue the adventure she always wanted. But with a...
  • jumper
  • music
  • kamisama
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Jumper: Black Balloons by skyekeenan
Jumper: Black Balloonsby Skye
ranked: #259 - RARE (out of 1.02k stories) #3 - Jumper #9 - Beaches Action / Adventure Edited. A Short Thrilling Story :) wont take much of your time so take a read :D ...
  • fanfiction
  • beach
  • oconner
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Heartlines by ThisLoudMorning
Heartlinesby Celeste
A story about a girl and a horse, broken without each other. After a bad horse back riding accident while jumping, Krista is left with an intense fear of jumping. Her eq...
  • teen
  • eventing
  • jumper
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My Little Blue Jumper Boy (Wroetoshaw Fanfiction){SHORT SIDE STORY {{FINISHED}}} by fitzyeggs
My Little Blue Jumper Boy (Wroetos...by pinkgradientman
This is a Harry Lewis fanfiction which carrys on from chapter 13 of Toxic Relationship (my none smut miniminter fanfiction) Hope you enjoy!
  • love
  • harry
  • blue
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Kiss marry kill Percy Jackson by sallie2005
Kiss marry kill Percy Jacksonby Sallie
Kiss marry kill yes yes
  • kissmarrykill
  • percyjackson
  • otherships
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The Tales of Black I (Original) by pr3ttykittycat
The Tales of Black I (Original)by negasonic teenage warhead
I never thought my life would be difficult because of my parents. I mean, I already lived with my aunt and uncle, so it's not like I would be in touch with them. But see...
  • malfoy
  • terry
  • birthday
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Jumping | H.S. by trashydarlin
Jumping | H.S.by molly
{BOOK TWO} ❝I will save her.❞ + Copyright © 2014 trashydarlin
  • niallhoran
  • harry
  • one
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I tried to kill myself..A vampire saved me...I didn't want to be saved by twilightkk
I tried to kill myself..A vampire...by Kyrra
  • brandon
  • abuse
  • waking
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Hero by MissDaggerOfficial
Heroby MissDagger
Rhylee has been a prisoner of this place for six years. They took her when she was only thirteen, injecting heroin into her veins as soon as they locked her in that pure...
  • shot
  • strength
  • vendetta
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Finding Faith (2) by sweetembers
Finding Faith (2)by Bella
In this sequel to Finding Talent, things take a twist when Sadie Lawrence is asked to train a herd of twelve shires, that are to be used in the winter fair pulling hay r...
  • crash
  • driving
  • camping
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The Volkov Family by Moonlit_Dragon
The Volkov Familyby ❀ Moonlit.Dragon ❀
The Volkov Family A mysterious and prestigious family known throughout the realms and time. A single picture could earn you billions. Volkov's were a family made up of...
  • time
  • past
  • assassin
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Step Into The Light (Poetry and Prose Journal) by RestinTheShade
Step Into The Light (Poetry and Pr...by RestinTheShade
A poetry and prose journal of sorts. Be forewarned though, you might not get what you are expecting. Added to on a semi-regular basis.
  • joy
  • unfinished
  • sorrow
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Suicide Watch by MissDaggerOfficial
Suicide Watchby MissDagger
Briar Taylor is a 15 year old girl, busting her hump at work, dealing with the loss of her mom and living with her single dad. When one of her coworkers threatens to jum...
  • truth
  • memoria
  • singing
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Between Dimensions by igothroughphasesalot
Between Dimensionsby Nik
Jasmine is a different kind of person. She has an ability that makes her vastly different from every other human on the planet. Did I mention she is also a makeup artist...
  • buckybarnes
  • avengers
  • scarletwitch
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Jumper 2 - Own written sequel by GeekyZoee
Jumper 2 - Own written sequelby Zoe
I have always liked the film Jumper, release 2008 starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson. As I was unsure whether there would be another film out, I decided t...
  • jumping
  • kristen
  • action
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Boku wa Kamen Rider Jumper! by krgear
Boku wa Kamen Rider Jumper!by krgear
Sento wakes up in another World where People have unique Superpowers known as "Quirks" and meets a green haired boy named Izuku Midoriya,a once quirkless boy w...
  • build
  • kamenrider
  • bnha
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