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Countries by LilTotty
Countriesby LilTotty
This book contains weird and random facts about multiple different countries. Personally, I like getting to know more about countries and their people so I decided to wr...
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How To Lose Weight And Survive The Apocalypse - Australian Edition by Blondeanddangerous
How To Lose Weight And Survive Kate J. Squires
One woman's guide to falling in love, getting fit and surviving the end of the world. Karla is busy running her own business, half-heartedly trying to lose her belly fat...
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Bondi Blues | Bondi Rescue by barbasvu
Bondi Blues | Bondi Rescueby m
At the age of 20, Charlie Thompson moved from the calm serenity of Byron Bay to Bondi Beach in Sydney. Though she's a professional diver for Australia, she much prefers...
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READY PLAYER TWO ↳ mrfreshasian by sunnyonmars
READY PLAYER TWO ↳ mrfreshasianby Mars
He streams Fortnite for a living. She probably plays the minimum just to get enough v-bucks for the next season's battle pass. He's one of the best players in Australia...
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Siblings (Michael Clifford) by Half_a_heart_niall
Siblings (Michael Clifford)by 1D & 5SOS ❤️
Michael Clifford has a twin sister. The one and only thing about her is that Michael has gone his entire life without ever knowing about her existence. That comes crashi...
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Darker Than Sin by LaurenJ22
Darker Than Sinby Lauren Jackson
When good girl highschooler Ellie falls in love with an ex-convict, old family secrets come back to haunt them and keep them apart. ...
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∞ ghost of you ∞ | c.t.h by lcvelycal
∞ ghost of you ∞ | c.t.hby 💫
one night can change everything. [lowercase intended]
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My Second Family: Bondi Rescue by hubbubby123
My Second Family: Bondi Rescueby Naomi 1223
Grace Reid is Andrew 'Reidy' Reid's little sister. She's just moved in with him and away from their parents after they hold what she likes to call an 'intervention', and...
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Take me Home by booklovertash
Take me Homeby booklovertash
Jade Jennings has spent most of her life in the Australian army. After coming back from a tour overseas she expected to be welcomed by her loving fiancé. What she didn't...
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Colossal Jump by xFakingaSmilex
Colossal Jumpby Staaff
Torn between risking it all and losing the man she loves, Ava must make a choice, but in the process of making this choice, Ava must accept the consequences of her actio...
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The Cure (Book One of The Golden Eyes Trilogy) by HarleyRush
The Cure (Book One of The Golden Harley Rush
Nova is a badass. She's not only a talented zombie slayer-she's tough, ruthless, and a downright bitch. But she loves who she is, and she wouldn't change herself for the...
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The Cleansing: Part One (Book Two of the Golden Eyes Trilogy) by HarleyRush
The Cleansing: Part One (Book Harley Rush
THE CLEANSING PART ONE: The group has finally made it to the safe lands. Now they have to settle down and find their places in the reformed society and learn how to lea...
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Herophine | Aeipathy by mizbiatch
Herophine | Aeipathyby ♡
Aeipathy An enduring and consuming passion. "What?" I spat at him. The look on his face never faltered. Instead he looked even more amused from what i said...
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MHA memes [My Hero Academia Memes] by lukaHatake
MHA memes [My Hero Academia Memes]by Ranuu
A beautiful collection of all the truly beautiful things in the beautiful MHA fandom. Beauty. I will update this regularly, like, daily regularly so if you want a daily...
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Remember Me [harry styles] ✓ by teamcurlytop
Remember Me [harry styles] ✓by Chloë
Juniper's not heard from her penpal since he got swallowed up by the music industry eight years ago. But winding up front row at one of his concerts is about to change t...
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Roomies || z.m. #MissionDesi by zivacious
Roomies || z.m. #MissionDesiby ن
Deepika walked up to the bed with her arms crossed. "Get off." "Sorry, already called dibs." Zayn smirked as his arms rested behind his head against...
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imagines ; ruel by unsaidbassett
imagines ; ruelby elle
requests open!
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make you stay (g.d.) by shinydols
make you stay (g.d.)by del
(SEQUEL to "flight-risk") "what do i have to do to make you stay?" elizabeth and grayson part their ways in australia, ready to move on with their l...
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Moving in (countryhumans Australia) by Lazy_Vraptor
Moving in (countryhumans Australia)by A crazy Australian
After a brake up Australia moves out of his home town to live with his older brother America, he gets to meet all of America's friends and start a new life with his own...
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𝐫𝐮𝐞𝐥 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 by supportingzion
𝐫𝐮𝐞𝐥 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬by 𝐊𝐀𝐘.
- welcome ! - requests; open - started ; oct 7 2019 - "poc" means the imagines main character is a poc is the imagine is related to poc things - POC ; person...
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