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Brothers~She Never Had (The Malhotra Siblings) by dareya8
Brothers~She Never Had (The the_knowledgeable_soul
Sixteen-year-old Samaira felt the burden of taking the biggest decision of her life, which would truly affect her drastically. Her unknown past has barged into her messy...
Who's this Dekiru and why do all the Pros want to adopt him? by 1AintFamous
Who's this Dekiru and why do all 1AintFamous
Midoriya Izuku has given up his dream of becoming a hero when his mom is hospitalized for cancer, but continues his hero analysis for the future. A chance encounter sets...
Unexpected Royal Heir by kazzygirl1
Unexpected Royal Heirby kazzygirl1
Princess Lilyanne Blythe sneaks out to a party and has a one night stand. Assuming that was in the past, that one night stand stranger ends up living with her. Later to...
Falling For You Again, Jeon Jungkook [Jikook] by ChimchimzKookie97
Falling For You Again, Jeon ChimchimzKookie97
In which Park Jimin is strongly attracted to a certain guy named, Jeon Jungkook. #4 in Jikook 04/24/21, #2 in Jikook 04/25/21 Date Started: August 12, 2018 Date Ended:...
UA Staff Chat (On Crack) by GummiTummy
UA Staff Chat (On Crack)by Gummi
Present Mic has made a work group chat (yet again!) for his co-workers at UA. He adds a stranger by accident. They think it might be a villain, but what they don't know...
Reliving the Past, Present, and Future by EmilieJane29
Reliving the Past, Present, and EmilieJane29
The Order of the Phoenix is ready to take Harry away from the Dursleys before his fifth year at Hogwarts, but the mission is cut short when Harry receives a mysterious l...
( Quick wear) HE every time  by shumeya20
( Quick wear) HE every time by MTL.Bueno
Author: Bauhinia is blue Category: BL doujin Release time: 2021-01-03 Latest: Chapter 76, Love in the World [System: Host please pay attention, host please pay attent...
Open When Letters by sillyrussians
Open When Lettersby ✨Vika✨
I wrote these letters for my boyfriend because I often feel like distance is a major negative factor in our relationship, and although we cannot do anything to change ou...
Legacy by IvanBullock
Legacyby Nerd Herd
Y/N al Ghul is the Batman of the year 2050. He was trained under the mantle of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Damian Wayne, the last of the bat family. After a fight aga...
What The Future Holds (Archie Various x Reader) by ShiraFangirl
What The Future Holds (Archie ShiraFangirl
Sequel to Sonic X. After Sonic, Y/N, and the others came back to Mobius and defeated the Meterax, they went their separate ways. Sonic, Y/N, and Tails head back to Freed...
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (SwaSan Story) by SilentReder
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly ( SilenceReader
The Girl Who Loved Me Selflessly (A SwaSan Story) *Completed* •• Love is supposed to make you happy right ? To make you feel loved ? But it can also gives pain, lots o...
Catch A Dragon Become My Wife by Kessho_Yuki
Catch A Dragon Become My Wifeby Fuyu no Hana
COMPLETED Alternative title : 缚龙为后 Author :舒仔 ( Shuzai ) in order to save the empress, the emperor went deep into the thousand-year-old pond regardless of his safety, d...
Aizawa reacts to My Hero Academia ships [COMPLETED] by starshiphalo052
Aizawa reacts to My Hero Dani Peterson
I, Shouta Aizawa will react to ships you guys want me to react to. Present Mic thought I should do this so here I am. Requests are not currently open but I will do any...
2. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGIN. FeniceAlbatros32
SEQUEL TO "THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. STORY OF AN ENDING NEVER TOLD' Present, past and future mingle in this tale. Weddings, children, advertisements, actors, frie...
Remember Me? (Book 1) COMPLETED by crystal3952
Remember Me? (Book 1) COMPLETEDby Sea Chelle
Katherine Malloy was left at the altar. Her ex-fiancé Nicolas married her best friend. Their last encounter ended with Katherine slamming the door in his face. Five year...
Scroll of Time (Naruto Time Travel fanfic)✔ by AuraSolare
Scroll of Time (Naruto Time Aura
Sakura Uchiha, wife of Sasue Uchiha and mother to Sarada Uchiha finds something interesting in her purse after working at the hospital, when she opens it up..she's tr...
Strawberries & Cigarettes by vcw226
Strawberries & Cigarettesby vcw226
She has obsessive-compulsive disorder. He finished all the required classes for graduating by his freshman year. She trains in ballet four hours a day, five days a week...
Time travel by blondie_goldilocks22
Time travelby blondie_goldilocks22
I do not own Naruto ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Naruto, Konoha 12, Lady Tsunade, Kakashi, Gai, Kurenai, Asuma, Sasuke, orochimaru, and Juraiya are sen...
Yandere Monster Mictober by Mrs_Yamada
Yandere Monster Mictoberby ♡Koi♡
Basically 31 oneshots about Yandere Present Mic for the 31 days of October Obviously ⚠ Trigger Warning ⚠ Read at your own discretion
Always in April by Spiszy
Always in Aprilby Erica Jennings
Confident, independent, and beautiful, Lady Cecelia is the envy of every woman in London. Nothing ever breaks her composure, not even the handsome rake Major Godfrey bei...