We Talked About Tomatoes: 12 - Maybe

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URGENT!! LOOK OVER HERE!!****Okay, so I'm changing the voice/POV back to third person like in the start. I didn't really like how the past two chapters (w/ Georgia's voicing) have turned out. I hope you'll enjoy it better this way. Thanks. Do comment and tell me which you prefer.


The sun rose over the green, rolling hills. It set a beautiful background for the park; its orange and red mixing in with the increasing blue sky. Bryce sat on the log bench. His fingers unconsciously - out of habit - rubbed over an engraving he had put there a long time ago.

He breathed in his surroundings, trying to grasp the week filled with Georgia. The birds flew by, tweeting, some occasionally (and annoyingly) cawing. It was almost still. He couldn't even hear the rustling of the green leaves hanging off the large oak tree beside his precious log bench. He ran his long fingers along the smooth wood. Both on the tree he was leaning on and his favourite log bench.

This was his time to think. This was his place to think. He regretted those few months of not coming here. It was after Georgia had cheated on him. Back then it was their place to think. Their first date. Their first kiss. Then coming here was just too much. He hadn't brought Rachel here to think, to kiss, to have a date. He had talked about it, of course. Though he only referred to it as 'my special place'.

He pondered why that was. Nick was convinced it was because he couldn't trust someone else and have it lost again. He didn't neglect to tell Bryce this. While Steph was sure it was because it was a place for Georgia too and that Bryce still loved her. She also didn't neglect to tell Bryce this. Bryce was more doubtful about Steph's thoughts, after all she was biased.

But was he in love with her? Still? Was he ever out of love with her? After all, the relationship of Bryce and Georgia ended too abruptly. It was like a song with a C Major ending on an E note. It felt weird. It felt unfinished. And all in all it was just plain confusing.

Bryce rubbed his hands. He looked up, regretting he had been looking at the green, dewy grass instead of the beautiful sunrise. The reds and oranges had almost faded, quickly being engulfed by the cloudy, bright, blue sky. A breath of cool wind blew against his face, ruffling his hair. He turned around, hearing foot steps.

He wasn't sure if the person he saw was a good or a bad thing. Georgia gave him a tight smile. The wind blew her fringe off of her smooth, tanned forehead. Her green-golden eyes were lit up by the emerging sun. She looked radiant. She looked beautiful. Just like that day he met her. Just like that day he kissed her. Just like that day he succumbed to their attraction, even though he had Rachel. Guilt washed over him like a wave crashing on the shore of the beach.

"Sorry," she said quietly. "I didn't know you'd be here."

Bryce tried to keep it light. He didn't want to get heavy. He didn't want to ask her about Harriette, about Harry, about that fantastic, guilty kiss. He inhaled deeply and smiled at her. He patted the log bench, gesturing her to sit with him. He might regret it later, but regret something you've done, not something you haven't done, right?

"It's okay," he replied, even though he was unsure if it was. She sat down. "So," he started, turning to face her with an amused, curious look, "do you still say 'to-mei-to'?"

Georgia laughed a small laugh. Oh what a beautiful sound it was. It wasn't repressed, or polite. It wasn't fake, or trying to sound beautiful. That's what made it beautiful. It was great. Bryce missed it. He promised himself he'd chastise himself later for possibly liking someone's laugh who didn't belong to his girlfriend. She turned to face Bryce.

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