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The Imperfect Pushover. by TheForeverKindaLove
The Imperfect Pushover.by Tayah
Drew Sage has lost hope in the idea that happiness can be found without the help of drugs and alcohol. After years of slowly giving up on himself, Drew puts his efforts...
  • drew
  • smokes
  • drugs
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Éhcilc by balooba
Éhcilcby sexiibaybexxandsomenumbers
I get it. You're sad with your daily life so you've come onto Wattpad hoping to find your fairytale ending in some fictional way. How pathetic, you know, but it still wo...
  • gills
  • exoticmalemodelgreekgod
  • fish
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The Vampire's Pushover by buttercuppoptop
The Vampire's Pushoverby whitebay
He was assigned a handsome Vampire to protect him and naturally he was crushing. Too bad that Vampire's a jerk and treats him like dirt.
  • mean
  • magic
  • boy
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Pushed by lolly_bobo
Pushedby ...
Destiny is a loner, a depressed Emo, and a pushover. Her parents on the other hand are the opposite. They're successful, outgoing and usually the people that do the push...
  • pushover
  • emo
  • strange
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Push Over by Ficti0nal_Characters
Push Overby Mlppawheart
"Why are people so cruel?" • Elizabeth mayor was going to a brand new school for the first time. Last year was amazing. She was doing almost perfect in her aca...
  • bullying
  • pushover
Default Title - Write Your Own by emilyamacdougall
Default Title - Write Your Ownby em
  • issues
  • friends
  • powerful
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 Died in Color by Mang0fun
Died in Colorby pjriddler
Myia lewis. They call her ghost. Her last year she isn't messing with anyone or anything, honestly wishing death to come to all that aren't her. She's ready to complete...
  • pushover
  • highschool
  • savage
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No More Miss.Pushover by PurpleCalifornia
No More Miss.Pushoverby Purple California
I saw an open table. "Rush to the table before someone else takes it! My thoughts were true. If I didn't get to the table someone else would. I got to the table bu...
  • calumhood
  • pushover
  • 5sos
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Something New (ON HOLD UNTIL USB WORKS) by exquisiteequine
Something New (ON HOLD UNTIL USB W...by exquisiteequine
Miranda is a total pushover. She lives to please people. So it's no surprise that her 'living for myself from now on' resolution doesn't even last a full day. All her be...
  • years
  • parents
  • fight
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Pastel And Marshmallows by JKSarcastic
Pastel And Marshmallowsby K A N Y I N S O L A
Mellow Summers is a sweet, kind hearted girl. She's the definition of sweet, she's kind, pretty and loved by everyone. She's a lollipop or a marshmallow as she prefers. ...
  • pushover
  • romance
  • marshmallows
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My Fallen Angel by HeyNau
My Fallen Angelby HeyNau
"It's so dark right now, I can't see any light around me. That's because the light is coming from you. You can't see it but everyone else can." - Lang Leav, Lo...
  • change
  • fallenangel
  • life
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Neverland by Kinno27
Neverlandby Little Red
I saw him smile before reaching his hand out for me to take. "Do you trust me?" And the weirdest thing was.... I actually did. ~~ In a small town where a girl...
  • neverland
  • hurt
  • romance
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Who killed me?  by beviouz
Who killed me? by Alisigwe juliet
I can't be dead... It's - it's just not logically possible at all... That's what I have been telling myself since yesterday. Do you know the funniest thing? It's the fac...
  • bullies
  • fiction
  • teen
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TOOK ME DOWN AND LET ME DROWN by englishnamjoon
What happens when u mix an African girl who lives her life to please the people around her and a spoilt egoistic rich nigga who has big plans but small insight. Let's fi...
  • romance
  • water
  • theboy
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-Pushover- (Completed) by TheWindowSill
-Pushover- (Completed)by New ac@coffeecoaster
Hello, this is a little page talking about how I am as a pushover and how i put others before me, to the point where its not a good habit. <3 I feel so lonely enjoy I...
  • pushover
  • deep
  • lonely
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The Pushover by randomthoughts96
The Pushoverby randomthoughts96
Provokes more questions than it does answers... When has she ever said No?
  • intrigue
  • no
  • pushover
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Stars of Yesternight by catcherofthewolves
Stars of Yesternightby lover of books
Wendy Adam's problem was that she was too nice. A pushover really.
  • shortstory
  • nice
  • pushover
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We Talked About Tomatoes by someone123
We Talked About Tomatoesby someone123
Georgia Halliwell is the new girl at Lincoln High. She is shy and quiet - she is a loner. Then Bryce comes along. He introduces her to his childhood friends, friends tha...
  • letter
  • limited
  • harry
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Skeletons In Closet by Cara-tesora-mia
Skeletons In Closetby CaraT
What is the life of a pushover? One of a social outcast? Do they ever get their happily ever after? Who would even love a person like that? Aren't these people creat...
  • closetsareforclothes
  • lonely
  • happilyeverafter
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