We Talked About Tomatoes: 17 - Questions

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Steven looked around the ceiling hoping for a conversation starter. After his public confession it had become quiet. So quiet you could hear a pin drop. On the carpet. Or a pillow. It was maddening. To have two youngsters (even though the age gap was only two years) staring at you like that? Yeah. NOT a great feeling. Not to mention the fact that he fell for an ex. Not to mention the fact that he fell for a girl who's in love with her own ex.

Steven shook his head. He might actually have gone crazy. Or suicidal. Either way, it kinda sucked.

Georgia cleared her throat. "Steven . . . I appreciate it -"

Steven scrutinised at her with those chocolate brown eyes. They were so chocolatey, like that chocolate that seemed so rich you actually gained weight just from looking at it. He stared at her as if he was trying to bore holes into her own boring green eyes. "I don't want you to APPRECIATE my feelings, Georgia," he groaned and sighed, rubbing his face with his hands.

"You - you know I only think of you as a friend. I'm in love with Bryce. Sad as it may be, I am. I'm in love with my ex."

"I'm in love with mine. If we're talking about sad and pathetic situations and people, I'm your prime example." Steven sighed again.

Georgia looked at Steven with guilt. Had she led him on? All those times he was her pillar and allowed her to lean on him? Was that wrong? Should she have not done that? Georgia felt like she was drowning in guilt, she felt the pressure on her chest and it choking her. "Steven . . . I am SO sorry. I just . . ."

Steven shook his head. He was waiting for this. He had expected this. So why had he confessed? Why the FUCK did he say those words? Was he a masochist? Not the last time he checked. A bitter smile appeared on his face. "It's just like last time, Georgia. Still in love with same guy. Rejecting with the same guy. What next? Are you going to pack up and leave, too? And Harry, what the fuck are you still doing here? Did you not sense the atmosphere?"

"Dude, relax. This is my house. And you guys are better than the soap T.V. I think I can stay perfectly still."

"Then I guess I'll get moving." With that Steven stood up and walked out of the room.

"Well. That was awkward," Harry commented.

"You think?" Georgia gave a long and weary sigh. "What should I do? He's my best guy friend." Harry gave her a look. "Apart from you," she added hastily.

"Well, maybe the fact that he was your ex was a bad start. Look, don't mind Steven. He's a grown man. Sad to say but Bryce is still growing. You can go to Bryce. Steven can cope. Maybe Nick will offer him some advice. Go," Harry urged.

Georgia gave him an uneasy and unsure look. "Fine. But . . . Fine."

Wow. Wasn't this mini-holiday super relaxing?


Bryce chucked a piece of bark out in front of him. He wondered where it landed. In the dip after the hill of his log bench? Further than that where the land had become flatter? He squinted at the orange sky. Or was it pink or red now? Bryce laughed out loud to himself. What crap eyes he had in his sockets. He slumped and fiddled with a piece of bark. Slowly stripping thin strips from it, one by one.

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