We Talked About Tomatoes: 4 - Awkward

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I picked her up carefully, hugging her tightly as she wailed. I patted her back softly and swayed my legs and hips to calm her down.

"It's okay, baby, mommy's here," I whispered soothingly.


Georgia and Bryce were on a high. A relationship high. They were like newlyweds in their honeymoon stage. Love drunk. Steph enjoyed it. Nick ignored it. Ivy's mind was wandering off, thinking about a certain man. Harry was fake puking, but he remembered that stage when he just started with Ivy. The rest of Lincoln High acknowledged it, but after a few weeks of them being together and Georgia's nickname 'New Girl' had expired they couldn't really care less.

The whole group was mildly surprised that they got along talking about the most mundane things, and staying on that topic for the whole of lunch. While news of the most interesting things in Lincoln High had only lasted five minutes, leading to an awkward silence.

"Hey, Georgia, wanna come over to my place to study?" Bryce offered. The exams were here and it was time for the year 11s to study for their end-of-term tests.

Harry oohed like a little schoolgirl immaturely. "Up to that stage already?" He asked, waggling his eyebrows and grinning madly.

"No," Bryce stammered in response. "We actually plan to do some studying, unlike you and Ivy."

"Actually," Harry said, turning to face Ivy. "She's been declining my invites to my house recently. So I HAVE been studying, thank you very much," Harry answered back, righteously.

He tried to sound strong, nonchalant. But everyone, except for Georgia who didn't know him that well yet, could sense his uneasiness and insecurity. Ivy was ignoring him. As a matter of fact, the group hadn't seen them kiss in the period of time Georgia and Bryce had become a couple. That was rare. Very rare, since Ivy and Harry could barely keep their hands to each other, not hesitant in any public displays of affection.

So it was strange. Strange that Ivy had been declining Harry. The five of them, not Georgia, already knew how Ivy was in the later stage of her relationship with Harry. Instead of Harry pushing Ivy for sex, it was the other way around. She would jump at any chance to prove their maturity. To prove that they weren't just high-school flings. To prove that they were past their best friend stage. So why wasn't she jumping at the chance to go to Harry's house?

Nobody knew. Nobody knew why, except for Ivy. And Ivy wasn't ready to spill her secret just yet.

"I'd love to go," Georgia replied eventually, sensing the awkwardness that hung in the air like a thick, invisible blanket.

"Cool," Bryce replied simply.

So they continued on with their lunch, a wary Steph glancing at the distant Ivy every now and then. Harry didn't even look at her, because he felt that if he did, he would ask her why repeatedly until she would finally answer. And Ivy was stubborn; it would be hard for her to answer. Nick and Bryce tried to ignore it, Nick was worried but not overly concerned, Bryce was the happy guy of the group. He couldn't let a single awkward moment make him worry and take away that role. All while Georgia was confused. She'd have to ask Bryce. When they're in his room. Possibly alone. Maybe with the door closed with no parents in the house. Suddenly, she felt very nervous.

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