Finally Home | (boyxboy, werewolf) by HisokaGoku-hi
Finally Home | (boyxboy, werewolf)by Hisoka
Carmine Lycus was bitten by a rogue alpha when he was seven years old. His parents threw him out and he's been living on his own ever since. He hops from place to place...
  • friendship
  • mate
  • friends
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He's My Mate by SkylarSaitou
He's My Mateby Steph
(boyxboy/manxman/malexmale) Aiden is a 15 year old rogue, not even old enough to have a solid place in a pack yet let alone a mate. What will he do when he is suddenly c...
  • reaper
  • vampire
  • wolf
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P E T by Flying_Free123
P E Tby D R E A M B I G
Was it bad that I love not one, but two of my brothers friends? - When I was younger I followed my older brother around all the time. His friend, Caesar, often called m...
  • sub
  • sharing
  • puppy
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As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
  • popstar
  • becky
  • superstar
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A Puppy's Love by jayjaylov
A Puppy's Loveby Jayjaylov
Warning! Every photo including the cover are not mine!! When a dog's soul wants to be loved, yet has no trust for any humans. A system story.
  • puppy
  • loyalty
  • transmigration
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Puppy School (PetPlay, BoyXBoy, DDLB) by SubPuppy
Puppy School (PetPlay, BoyXBoy, DD...by Your Friendly Neighborhood Tr...
#43 in Random (7-16-18) Jade, a teenaged boy, gets kidnapped on his 18th birthday. His captors force him to live through training. Training to become the prefect puppy...
  • degrading
  • ddlb
  • ageplay
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noah centineo imagines by centineobaby
noah centineo imaginesby ells ♡👩🏼‍🎨✨
imagines in which noah centineo is your boyfriend.
  • cute
  • fluff
  • sweet
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Gaara's Wolf - Thrust into the Naruto World by Fangirl1584
Gaara's Wolf - Thrust into the Nar...by Katy Willis
Because this story has over 1,000 hearts on Quotev, I decided to try my luck here. Hope you enjoy!! I was just a normal girl, watching anime in my breaks from school. Th...
  • narutoworld
  • war
  • kazekage
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Ethan Dolan Imagines by jonesdolanhood
Ethan Dolan Imaginesby jonesdolanhood
"What would you do if you had one chance?" FLUFFY IMAGINES ABOUT MY FAVORITE PUPPY
  • fluff
  • cute
  • grayson
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A story of a seventeen year old girl named ally who has an ordinary life with an ordinary husky puppy (young adult) named Fluffy.....nah just kidding. Named Jake. What i...
  • wolf
  • husky
  • werewolf
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Mr. Devil (RE-WRITING) by xCookie17
Mr. Devil (RE-WRITING)by Emmalina
-{Published Interactive Story on Chapters! }- <3 {#6 in Romance --- 22/02/17} Romance / Fantasy ︵‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ "You look happy." he smiles, his dark eyes darting...
  • evil
  • forbidden
  • mikka
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Chris Motionless Imagines by UnilambXing
Chris Motionless Imaginesby Yixings FanBoy
Exactly what the title says plus some others, there's also smut and fluffs. Not all are DDLG/LB or Petplay. THERE WILL BE BOYXBOY, IF UNCOMFORTABLE WITH IT, SKIP TO A BO...
  • daddy
  • petplay
  • smutwarning
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strange addiction » jenzie  by aesthethiccjohn
strange addiction » jenzie by 🍒
[Highest Rank : #106 teen fiction] when it comes to you baby, I'm addicted. you're like a drug, no rehab can fix it.
  • johnnyorlando
  • puppy
  • fanfiction
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!OC adoptions! by Galaxy_chan_
!OC adoptions!by Dashii-Chan
Hi! Today I made an Oc Adoptions! Get them now!! They are so cute! They are free of course!,Just give me permission!,And If some cuties are taken, Please wait for anoth...
  • fluffs
  • puppy
  • kitty
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ღPequeño Híbrido ღ YoonMin ❣ by BaepsaeSilverSpoon
ღPequeño Híbrido ღ YoonMin ❣by //:http.IDOL
Donde Namjoon convence a sus mejores amigos de ir a un refugio para híbridos "especiales" ... ❥ Yoonmin pareja principal ❥ Namjin y Vhope parejas secundarias...
  • kitten
  • fic
  • fluffy
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MY LOVE, MY DANGER (Jackson Wang y tú) by Tsuyu-Chan96
MY LOVE, MY DANGER (Jackson Wang y...by
¿Cuándo fue que llegué a este punto? Por que de verdad tenía otra vista panorámica de mi vida, con sueños y promesas por cumplir, y no pensé que terminaría de esta maner...
  • corea
  • ayuda
  • jackson
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Puppy - Sun Jiakai ll Yhboys ❤ by Crystalvioletice
Puppy - Sun Jiakai ll Yhboys ❤by Crystalvioletice
"Why do you keep following me?" ... Y/N was a girl that had a unimaginably terrible past. A YHBOYS fan, she dreamed of meeting them. What happens when she meet...
  • yhboys
  • linma
  • jiakai
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The Perfect Pet by Feline_Fan
The Perfect Petby ~Kate~
What if Connor couldn't let Puppy go that night? *dom/sub au, gay smut, readers discretion advised*
  • puppy
  • petplay
  • connor
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Abandoned by erenmaybe
Abandonedby °˖✧
Levi finds an abandoned baby on the streets one cold night and decides to take him home. He then realizes the baby isn't just a regular baby, but an inu! [No part of thi...
  • eren
  • levixeren
  • baby
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Fire_puppy  by Fire_puppy
Fire_puppy by Yoohyunee
Feel ျကမယ္ မ်က္နွာေျပာင္ျကမယ္ >< Reader ေလးေတြနဲ့ က်ြန္ေတာ္တို့ လြတ္လြတ္လပ္လပ္ ေပါဖို့ေနရာေလးတစ္ခု! အက္လယ့္ ><
  • fire
  • မင္းခန့္ထည္ဝါ
  • yoohyunee
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