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Finding Her Happiness by DustyBooks16
Finding Her Happinessby DustyBooks16
Sixteen year old, Colby Violet, has just been diagnosed with DPD or Dependent Personality Disorder. Her mother, Jackie, gets a recommendation from Dr. Richard Clemens. H...
Daddies Wolf by Cendrillon1996
Daddies Wolfby Cinderella
Wolves are either dominant or submissive. One can't live without the other your wolf will go crazy and go feral, you'll end up killing someone or killing yourself. Olliv...
I'm Not A Puppy by JoeyCross
I'm Not A Puppyby Mr. Leafy Vegetable
"Sometimes following your heart, means losing your mind." I was always a small wolf. Really small. People often called me fox because I was so small. I under...
L. I. V. E (Boyxboy) by gigglegirl113
L. I. V. E (Boyxboy)by Chaotic
Living in a Italian prison all of Bear Huntingtons life, he never learned anything. Doesn't know much English, all that well never heard music never even had a hug from...
I'm her pet by O12Alfieo
I'm her petby O12Alfieo
Having been kicked out by her parents foe being gay at an early age, Alex makes do with what she has. When she comes across a women in need of some help, she agrees to...
I'm Here (Supergirl AU) by RinkuWolfe207
I'm Here (Supergirl AU)by RinkuWolfe207
When Kara Danvers was changed into a Golden Retriever puppy, the first thing she did was panic but she was eventually found by Lena Luthor, whose heart was won over by h...
Princess's Pet by AgeregressionKitten
Princess's Petby Kitten is little
Vivian Casanova has come from a long line of dominants. Everyone expects her to follow in her ancestors foot steps when she goes to her classification test...only she do...
Puppy Eyes by MindYourBusiness01
Puppy Eyesby Blue
A puppy hybrid Namjoon fanfic featuring the rest of bangtan too. Fluffy and maybe some angst. NO smut. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Analogical AU] by DewdropStudios
Coco Bean [Sanders Sides Analogica...by Droplet
Pastel!Virgil and Punk!Logan, along with high school au Virgil di Angelo is a pure-hearted, innocent and anxious senior in high school living with his older brother, Rem...
CUPID calling CUPID[Completed] by mikaelanay
CUPID calling CUPID[Completed]by Mickey
*Bad, bad writing ahead* He came in like a wrecking ball was an understatement. Tyler Woods a.k.a The jerk, The bully, The ex-best friend did a huge favor to Gabriella B...
What If °Jasper Hale fanfic° by Beep_Beep_Malfoy
What If °Jasper Hale fanfic°by Fred Weasleys bitch
What if I was made for you and you were made for me? What if this is it, what if it's meant to be? What if I ain't one of them fools just playin' some game? What if I ju...
illicit affairs  by ithinkikindayaknow
illicit affairs by ithinkikindayaknow
Nini Salazar-Roberts is perfect from head to toe. Perfect hair, grades, body, smile, personality, and practically everything else you could think of. She's been cheerlea...
Puppy boy (Kunimi Akira x Reader) by weebtrasssh
Puppy boy (Kunimi Akira x Reader)by weebtrasssh
Kunimi x Reader ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ❤️
A Tail Of A Dalmatian by CoolkiddoBoi
A Tail Of A Dalmatianby CoolkiddoBoi
Not going to spoil it. It's first of my stories , so..
The Slime Of DxD  {Male Reader} by Sparetime101
The Slime Of DxD {Male Reader}by Sparetime101
(Y/N) is a normal boy attending Kuoh Academy, Apart from the fact he's a slime. *sigh* Join (Y/N), or yourself really, on the adventure of a slifetime. Making friends a...
Coincidence? - A Park Seojun (PSJ) FF by Bangtanjjang0808
Coincidence? - A Park Seojun (PSJ)...by ~Tae Bear~
'Suddenly, I lost my balance! I was mentally and physically prepared to feel the floor. But I didn't fall down. I felt two hands hold me. I slowly opened my eyes. A man...
Tales of the Polterpup  by LevelUpEevee
Tales of the Polterpup by LevelUpEevee
So how did the Polterpup die? What was his life like? How did he meet Luigi? Why don't I let him tell you?... This story is a story of heartache, love, loss, family and...
Beast And Mates- [Gay]  by BbANDLOVRr
Beast And Mates- [Gay] by BbANDLOVRr
Picture used in the cover isn't mine. Book 2- Can be read as a stand alone. Not a sequel of book 1. It's another character's story .... The supernatural world hides m...
Goldfish by AndiJ37
Goldfishby AndiJFeron
Sixteen-year-old Koa wants one thing, and that is to play soccer. The only thing in her way is a boy named Ivan. Ivan only wants to follow his schedule and take care of...
Just One Night [taehyung] by opparar
Just One Night [taehyung]by Riles ✨
"You really have to keep track of your keys," she mumbled, snuggling into his chest. the male rested his chin on top of her head, sighing happily. "Oh, sh...