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He's My Mate by SkylarSaitou
He's My Mateby Steph
(boyxboy/manxman/malexmale) Aiden is a 15 year old rogue, not even old enough to have a solid place in a pack yet let alone a mate. What will he do when he is suddenly c...
Lucifer's Pet. by Cendrillon1996
Lucifer's Pet.by Cinderella
Eighteen years ago, a mother sacrificed her baby to Lucifer in return for the baby's safety. The mother died during birth, Lucifer accepted the sacrifice, and he'll back...
Daddies Wolf by Cendrillon1996
Daddies Wolfby Cinderella
Wolves are either dominant or submissive. One can't live without the other your wolf will go crazy and go feral, you'll end up killing someone or killing yourself. Olliv...
Thalia. by Cendrillon1996
Thalia.by Cinderella
I wanted a little, I got one, all that's left is for him to understand he's mine, and that I'd never let him go. #Thalia. The world is theirs, and I have to live with...
Becoming a Pet by Tinybean131
Becoming a Petby Tinybean131
Pet Hybrid by CottonCandyClouds666
Pet Hybridby CottonCandyClouds666
Yazmin Salvatore was adopted by Stefan Salvatore around when he was a ripper and Lexie helping him. She is imortal like a vampire but she can get hurt and everything. Sh...
Princess Chase? by ChaseyTheBabyPuppy
Princess Chase?by Chase_Baby_Sissy
A little story my dream made up that i was able to remember about Chase having a certain feeling or memory in the past that he missed but after it was revealed the other...
My first by Artieoftheparty
My firstby Artemis
my first smut, there's gonna be a little fluff, some angst, but overall it's smut. I'm not used to writing smut but yea don't judge too hard. Tw: there is a chapter wit...
Our pup by Kenny_stars
Our pupby Kenny_stars
Oliver moon was 16 when his abusive mother told him to pack up his things. He was going to be moving in with his dads that he's never even met before! How will Ollie re...
Inheritance - PJM ✓ by CrystalNight136
Inheritance - PJM ✓by CrystalNight136
What happens when you gain ownership of not just your brother's house..but also his hybrid. Hybrid AU Jimin ff Started 3-16-2020 Completed 10-7-2020 #1 btshybrid 11-12...
Teachers Slaveboy by RoshanFanny
Teachers Slaveboyby Roshan Fanny
18+ 🖕 (it story of sexy teacher make her one of class student her slaveboy. thank for readers comment don't report. ok I'm not a native English speaker just try to un...
Bad Puppy by OLOLbitO
Bad Puppyby Mashmellow
Broven, a member of the Dead Eye gang, the gang is known for committing crimes in two states, for now they settled down somewhere in a shack behind a supermarket. Broven...
Mafia is my little puppy(mdlg) by NotYourk
Mafia is my little puppy(mdlg)by NotYourK
When a stubborn and intolerant, werewolf gets classified as a little puppy, her whole life changes as she is fetched by a Vampire. Starting date:12 /13/22 Ending date:? ...
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New World Order by Pup-pup
New World Orderby Pup Echo
Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, they are animals, livestock, playthings. The world has been flipped. Cover by the lovely PJOFan987651. My ko-fi: https...
meet up ~ voxto by keropzi
meet up ~ voxtoby n-narumi ‹𝟹
vox and shoto have been wanting to meet up for some time now. once they finally get around to meeting up it seems as if they cant leave each-other alone. chapters being...
Puppy Love {Rina fanfic, COMPLETED} by GGrace2023
Puppy Love {Rina fanfic, COMPLETED}by GGrace2023
Gina is now beginning to work on Romeo and Juliet in Salt Lake City while juggling friendships, family drama, relationships, school, and the Spring musical. It's Winter...
Cravings (girlxgirl) by inadistantworld
Cravings (girlxgirl)by Nikolai
Devon Raines was a fan of one night stands and pure lust. Romance was never in her future, she was done with that. She didn't even believe love existed anymore. So how d...
The Slime Of DxD  {Male Reader} by Sparetime101
The Slime Of DxD {Male Reader}by Sparetime101
(Y/N) is a normal boy attending Kuoh Academy, Apart from the fact he's a slime. *sigh* Join (Y/N), or yourself really, on the adventure of a slifetime. Making friends a...
Our love story <(Thiam)> by Bangtan_Banshee
Our love story by Bangtan_Banshee13
"Theo I think im falling for you" Where Theo and Liam are best friends and in a Scott's mccalls pack What happens when the pack start realising sexual tension...
As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...