Falling For Him | #Wattys2018 by AnkSun344
Falling For Him | #Wattys2018by Ankita
The story is of two individuals Siddharth Khanna and Anusha Singh. Both were gems to their parents, both spoiled, both stubborn, friends adored them and siblings love t...
  • romance
  • indian
  • doctor
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Eren One-Shots by Koda-San
Eren One-Shotsby Koda-San
▪Volume 1▪ 《Eren x Reader》 |Requests: Open| |¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤|¤| Here is a one-shot book specifically made for Eren. It may say completed but I still do update it when...
  • anime
  • eren
  • aot
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twice - teudoongie confession by cow_laughed
twice - teudoongie confessionby mrs. park
link cfs tớ để ở bio nhé <3
  • confession
  • teuwaiseu
  • twice
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I'm in love with my daughter by curtisianabrown
I'm in love with my daughterby Curtisiana Brown
[Still in Session] Josh Parker is a 30 year old successful businessman man and single dad. He has fallen head over hills for his daughter Rose and has a hard time expres...
  • businessman
  • singledad
  • teenfiction
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BangtanVelvet Imagines (Requests Closed!! Slow Update) by Baby_Pika_Ami
BangtanVelvet Imagines (Requests Ami{Hyemi} ψ(`∇´)ψ
Happiness! Welcome, First time with BangtanVelvet🤗? Started: 5/6/17 [REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!! If you guys still don't see this idk what to say anymore because I asked s...
  • bangtanvelvetoneshot
  • joyjin
  • btsvelvetimagine
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I Will Make You Mine, Either By Hook or By Crook by slow_learner
I Will Make You Mine, Either By SAma
#3 in Childhoodlove He grabbed her arm and pinned her to her own car; not a gentle hold as before, a firm one which hurts. She hissed inwardly but managed to keep a stra...
  • childhoodlove
  • reality
  • passion
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The Rebellious Lady Fallon: Historical Fiction by Sinaidkincaid16
The Rebellious Lady Fallon: Sinaidkincaid16
Lady Fallon Brightmore secretly thought the Earl of Hampton, Braeden Kerrich, rather dashing. But at their first encounter, it was to her elder, fair sister that he smi...
  • confession
  • love
  • itntimacy
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_- Penguin Confession -_ by PenguinCity
_- Penguin Confession -_by ° Penguin City °
Gửi gắm những tâm tư, tình cảm, suy nghĩ của mình qua những dòng chữ văn bản giản đơn ấy. PenguinCity và mọi người sẽ cùng tâm tư, chia sẻ cùng bạn - người giấu mặt đáng...
  • confession
  • penguincity
tainted lines by wizzlehues
tainted linesby ✨
shattered hearts, anguish confessions, unspoken thoughts, & masked truth. this poem collection contains pieces of art by the product of my own feelings. compos...
  • thoughts
  • mgatula
  • spokenpoetry
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Dear Caleb by Twoony
Dear Calebby Twoony
Caleb never thought he'd receive a confession let alone two in the same day. Now it's time to face his own feelings unless he wishes to lose someone who is closer to him...
  • wattys2018
  • cute
  • lgbt
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Ochako's Confession (Izuku X Ochako Fanfic) by TravisBroski
Ochako's Confession (Izuku X Travis Broski
This is a one-shot of Ochako X Izuku. It's been a while since Ochako and Izuku first met, a long while, and since then they were friends. Just friends. However, Izuku...
  • myheroacademia
  • izuocha
  • ochakouraraka
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Cold || Namjin by Bulletproof092
Cold || Namjinby LA Jeahann
Namjoon couldn't stop himself from falling for Jin despite knowing the fact that the guy's extremely homophobic.
  • fanfic
  • bxb
  • bts
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Confession by MMMEA224
Confessionby MMMEA224
"I think this the time that I should tell him what I feel... I want to let this burden out of my chest" ( hey guys my name is Chloe ( not my real name) 🤓 Thi...
  • friendship
  • aaron
  • confession
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Your Typical High School  (GACHA WORLD AU) by Alissa_Gacha
Your Typical High School (GACHA 💞💖PROTECC PLS💖💞
Eve is an average and sweet angel who has some trouble expressing her feelings. Her thoughts and ideas are like bacteria. Also, she has to be lovesick, knowing that Clov...
  • lesbianromance
  • girlxgirl
  • fluff
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Lovelies  by nauwule
Lovelies by uwu
I may be crazy, but at least I'm crazy for you. - an awful poetry book started : 10 - 16 - 18 ended : ~
  • romance
  • confession
  • poems
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The Confusion. by shab_99
The Shab_99
"It's always about him. Asher, Asher, Asher, everybody likes Asher because he's the lovable one, no one ever looked back at the black sheep". He looked away an...
  • truthful
  • playboy
  • painful
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Welcome to my mind and deep concepts on life 💤💔. by jadaxspade
Welcome to my mind and deep jadaxspade
What's the point of staying alive when the whole world is a against .
  • confession
  • dark
  • emogirl
Thinking Out Loud - Avneil Oneshot by ff_naam
Thinking Out Loud - Avneil Oneshotby ff_naam
The other day I was listening to Ed Sheeran and it reminded me of another request of @dazzlingthorn to write a different take on Avneil's confession. So, I started rand...
  • unconditional
  • romance
  • oneshot
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switched | Kim Taehyung FF | by KillerYoongi_Dev247
switched | Kim Taehyung FF |by Author Yoongi
"Will you please accept my confession..." "No thanks." #36 in switchingbodies #104 in confession #19 in switchingbodies #56 in taehyungxreader #64 in...
  • kimtaehyung
  • shineetaemin
  • switchingbodies
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