We Talked About Tomatoes: 1 - Remember?

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Hey guys,

I hope you enjoy this! It's the first chapter. There's going to be a lot of time jumping, it's told in past tense as if someone was telling someone else the story. But the actual telling part might be omniscent. You'll understand when you read (hopefully!) I hope you enjoy! Please comment and vote!


P.S. Sorry if it's boring. It's just the start!


Remember when we first met? Remember how I was the New Girl and you were the Guy That Had Been There Since Kindy? Remember what we talked about? We talked about tomatoes.


Georgia Halliwell walked into the din of the cafeteria. As soon as she stepped in the chatter had stopped, moving to a low murmur. They were already talking about her. The New Girl. Lincoln High rarely had a New Girl - especially in the middle of the year. Especially since Georgia was already in year 11. No one had actually talked to her. No one had actually known her. But, people were already talking about her.

Georgia Halliwell was curious. Who do these suburban rich kids think they are? She thought. She hated the fact that people had already judged her from the minute she walked into Ancient History this morning. With her blue, cropped blazer on top of a long printed t-shirt over grey jeans, over the knee suede heeled boots and messy but beautiful light brown hair - she had already been placed in the Lincoln High social ladder. Dead bottom. It was simple: she didn't fit in.

People in Lincoln High were similar to any other American high school. They gossiped and thought they knew more than one another. They had the fake-tanned, leggy, busty cheerleaders. They had the stocky, over-muscular jocks. They had their fair share of nerds, both boys and girls, still suffering with bad-eyesight and annoying braces that caught the lettuce from the cafeteria burgers in their teeth. Lincoln High had their quiet, shy girls and boys. They had their Asians, nerds, jocks, cheerleaders or not, they were all there, clustered in the corner of the cafeteria. The burnouts, emos and goths had banded together. No one actually knew if they talked with each other or not. Georgia did not fit into any of these. Therefore, she was on the bottom of the social ladder. Little did she know there was another group that wasn't in the cafeteria, a group ready to welcome everyone and anyone.

The murmur had stopped, resuming to its usual, loud, cafeteria din. Georgia shook her head. New Girl gets shunned, how cliche, she thought bitterly to herself. She scoffed and walked outside with her packed lunch - into the school's vegetable garden. She was strong, or so Georgia liked to think so. It hurt to be shunned but Georgia liked to think of herself as above all the social rankings. Just starting at a new school, Georgia had decided it was not as fun as she thought it would be.

She sat on the unsteady, wooden bench situated to face the lush, green, but fruitless, tomato area of the vegetable garden. She frowned as she pulled her sandwich out of her brown, paper bag. Ham. She hated ham. Although she neglected to tell her mother who thought ham was the best, and insisted on having it almost every day for lunch.

She thought for a second or two before biting into the bread. The white bread had gone a little soggy; she tasted the sweet mayonnaise, the annoying ham and the clean, crunchy lettuce. She felt the weight of the bench change. She look to her side as she chewed slowly, confused why a person was sitting next to her. Not just any person but a boy. She hadn't seen him in any of her classes, but then again Georgia wasn't very observant and she'd been avoiding people's curious or superior eyes the whole day.

She swallowed, still staring at the boy. His messy hair was auburn, a dark red that could've matched brown. His hair matched his skin - not pale but not tanned. He had a straight nose above lips that weren't quite full but weren't at all thin and a strong, angular jaw. He stared back at her, his electric blue eyes not faltering one bit. Georgia finally reverted her gaze back down to her sandwhich, feeling her eyes water from the lack of moisture. The boy smiled, pleased with his little win.

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