20 - All Good Things End + Epilogue - A Letter From the Future

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Hehe, I know, LONG chapter name but that's because there's so much in it! Last chapter!! Thank you for coming on this very long ride. You guys are the best!! I hope you've enjoyed WTAT. Please vote and comment. :)* I thought I'd bring that smilie back, no one ever does it anymore :P



"Georgia! I can't believe you didn't tell me sooner! Now look, I'm here having fun on my honeymoon, millions of miles away from you and I can't even see you off! Nick says he's very disappointed with you. You know those faces he makes where he's staring at you intently and he's trying to force his thoughts in your brain but he just looks plain constipated? That's what he's doing now."

"Hey! I don't make constipated faces!" Georgia heard Nick yell in the background of the choppy phone connection. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Well, Georgia, you better keep in touch. We survived six years of New York! We can survive across the world, too! I'm going to miss you so much. Pack on the sunscreen, yeah? The sun down there is outrageously burning hot. Oh and feel free to give my mum and dad or even my brother a call when you're down there! They'll be happy to help, and if they're not I'll give them a call." Georgia could hear Steph smiling, if that made any sense.

Georgia was going to miss Steph so much. Her best friend that stuck with her through thick and thin. Before she could say something in reply she heard a swapping of the phone. In a second, she heard Nick's low voice speak over the crackly reception.

"Hey, Georgia. As much as I hate sounding gay, I will miss you heaps. That's as much as you're going to get from me. Go savour it on the plane because that's the last you'll see or hear of it. Take care of Harriette and don't forget to bring the book I bought her. She likes it when I read it to her at night. I'll miss her, too. Now that's the last one. Definitely. Anyways, we're going scuba diving in a bit so I kind of have to go. Go for regular walks along the aisles so your legs don't hurt later - even if you will look like a retard. Oh, and bring food - airplane food is horrible. And watery."

"Steph again! I'll miss you soooo mucchhh! And Harriette too! We're going to have to Skype each other like every week or something! Ooh, going now!"

Before Georgia heard the dialing tone she heard Nick's voice again. "I don't make constipated faces. Have a safe flight!" Georgia couldn't help but smile.

The endless tone rang in her ear. She parted with her phone and looked down at it sighing. She couldn't even get a word in edgewise. It felt hectic, it was only a couple of minutes. But compared to the last time she left them, a call was better than a text. She was leaving today. Georgia felt so breathless, as if she was breathing shallow breaths. She probably was. The nerves of crossing the ocean, the nerves of starting a whole new life, the nerves of leaving everyone she knew and cared about . . . it was enough reason to be breathless.


Georgia tried not to scowl as Ivy held onto Harriette's body. She was hugging her so tightly Georgia was sure that Harriette's eye would pop out of her sockets, like the characters in cartoons. Georgia couldn't stand to see the uncanny resemblance of the two. Especially as their hair collided and it look as if it were all from one person. Georgia sighed, reminding herself that Harriette acknowledged her as the mother and not Ivy.  

Ivy finally parted from Harriette, Georgia held onto Harriette's warm hand tightly even though she knew Harriette would run and leave her for Ivy as she had dreamed of. Ivy stared Georgia, unsure what to say. Ivy knew she had to swallow her guilt and regret. She had done this.

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