Write to Me (Boyxboy) Student/Teacher by Hidden_In_Ink
Write to Me (Boyxboy) Student/Teac...by Tisha A
Kyle just turned sixteen. When he was out at lunch, he met Matt. They instantly hit it off. But not everything is as it seems. Matt announces his new job, a teaching job...
  • matt
  • writing
  • explain
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I GOT QUESTIONS by heartbrokensurrvivor
I GOT QUESTIONSby heartbrokensurrvivor
questions about some people don't like talking about
  • explain
  • need
  • confused
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101 Ways To Do Your Hair [✓] #wattys2017 by Skipper_019
101 Ways To Do Your Hair [✓] #watt...by Skipper_019
Highest Ranking - #382 in Non Fiction Stuck for hairstyle inspiration? Then this is the book for you! 101 different styles and tips are included to help you look your...
  • explain
  • help
  • updo
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Inside My Thoughts by 4000dominoes
Inside My Thoughtsby 4000dominoes
This book gives you a behind the scenes look at my thought process, inspiration, background, and other fun things behind my works! This book covers the poems from my fir...
  • life
  • drama
  • experiences
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Donnie Darko Explained by scrabble20
Donnie Darko Explainedby Habitual Killjoy
Warning - there are spoilers ahead so if you had not seen "Donnie Darko", then I recommend you to watch the movie first or just read if you don't give a s**t. ...
  • alternateuniverse
  • wormholes
  • sci-fi
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death hotline EXPLAINED by altneighbourhood
death hotline EXPLAINEDby R.V
there is a lot more too it.
  • eddsworld
  • tordtom
  • random
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The World of Wattpad Werewolves by megumijaya
The World of Wattpad Werewolvesby JahiyaJayaJaia
Are you new to Wattpad? Are you freaking confused on how these Werewolves live? What the heck is a mate bond? Well I'm here to explain. My name's Jaya and I've been a p...
  • mate
  • learn
  • werewolf
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spronk awonk by noodle-is-lame
spronk awonkby noodle-is-lame
i poorly explain spring awakening also uhh spoiler warning for the entire damn show
  • shitpost
  • explain
  • musicals
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You May Know Me As... by gymnast17
You May Know Me As...by Nickie
Karter Johansen is an epic badass. Michelle Flanders is a total nerd. Scarlet Black is a hopeless romantic. Rebecca Anderson is an obsessive band geek. Jessica Fitzgeral...
  • twelve
  • identities
  • seven
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Stuffs From Meh by QueerMeows
Stuffs From Mehby Tush
I stg if the book cover isn't vibrate ENOUGH- Hai. Welcome to the book of random awesomeness. Here, I talk about things that have happened to me and add random videos I...
  • book
  • stuff
  • lifestory
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Capricorns and Cancers by KawaiiCupcakes89
Capricorns and Cancersby KawaiiCupcakes89
How I look at Capricorns and Cancers.
  • capricorn
  • explain
  • cancer
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ao haru ride / ending summary by FairySaiii
ao haru ride / ending summaryby inactive —
an explanation of the ending of ao haru ride, because I didn't get what happened at first, so I'm gonna help a friend out :) i didn't get what happened either, you're no...
  • explanation
  • explain
  • ending
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The Tale of Childhood Sweethearts [VIXX Hyuk-- FF] by Bellatrix_Syl
The Tale of Childhood Sweethearts...by Justin's
Hyuk and Joomi are Childhood sweethearts but because of one lie they got separated, Joomi left Korea. Hyuk hated Joomi until one day, Joomi came back to set things right...
  • hate
  • childhood
  • lie
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FNAF full Story Explained by Toby_Rames
FNAF full Story Explainedby Toby-wan Kenobi
This is a work in progress.
  • fanfiction
  • explained
  • fnafstory
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Explainer || A-Z Guide to LGBTQA+ by safe-space
Explainer || A-Z Guide to LGBTQA+by i love youuu
A book that contains most, if not all, LGBTQA+ terms and definitions in alphabetical order.
  • agender
  • explain
  • bisexual
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A Mans Dream by Butterz1023
A Mans Dreamby Butterz1023
This is just a personal story.
  • suicidal
  • death
  • been
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