The official CANDYGORE handbook by Bruna_Neptune
The official CANDYGORE handbookby Bruna_Neptune
Welcome to the CANDYGORE series! You have now entered the.. DANGER ZONE! dun dun dun! Jk! So you are now asking questions as you are reading book one. It's confusing to...
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Unknown Doleful  II by GeeYeol4
Unknown Doleful IIby Dole
မင္းနဲ႔အစတည္းက မေတြ႕ဆံုခဲ့ၾကရင္..... Oh dear self, Thanks for teaching me how to love myself or how to love you. . . Start writing-21setp2018
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Warriors: Explained by CatsofScience
Warriors: Explainedby ⌁ Cats of Science ⌁
The Warriors universe may seem simple at a first glance-clouds roll in across the ThunderClan sky, the leader prepares to give a quick speech, hunters eye the forest in...
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Stein X Reader by SmexyStein
Stein X Readerby Sollexus Captor
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The World of Wattpad Werewolves by megumijaya
The World of Wattpad Werewolvesby JahiyaJayaJaia
Are you new to Wattpad? Are you freaking confused on how these Werewolves live? What the heck is a mate bond? Well I'm here to explain. My name's Jaya and I've been a p...
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~Runway Ninja Love Story~ (Coming in 2018) (DOA: Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa)  by JenniferMGallon
~Runway Ninja Love Story~ (Coming...by 🌸*Jenny Michelle*🌸
Kasumi is the Runaway Shinobi who was is escaping the clan, and decided to runaway from all of her problems. Ryu Hayabusa is on the mission to find out her and bring her...
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Tag Book by MistressWriter6060
Tag Bookby MistressWriter
Pretty Self Explanatory.
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My dreams by Stockholm-han
My dreamsby Alice W. E. A Holmes.
Can someone please explain my dreams?
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Donnie Darko Explained by scrabble20
Donnie Darko Explainedby Habitual Killjoy
Warning - there are spoilers ahead so if you had not seen "Donnie Darko", then I recommend you to watch the movie first or just read if you don't give a s**t. ...
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DDLG stuff by Zoey-Leigh123
DDLG stuffby Zoey Leigh123
Hi guys so this is going to be a DDLG book, so if you don't like DDLG please leave now and don't leave nasty comments because I have warned you.
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Warrior Cats[COAT COLOURS, EYES, BREEDS & GENETICS] by Pastybihh
Warrior Cats[COAT COLOURS, EYES, B...by Selena
Hello any uneducated fuckers, or people interested in reading about cat genetics. In case anyone is too lazy to google genetics, or don't quite get the just... well you'...
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