Little Saint Bride [Death and the Maiden, #1] by larissajay
Little Saint Bride [Death and Larissa Jane 👩🏼‍⚕️
~ retelling of Hades and Persephone ~ EVERY TEN YEARS, THE GOD OF DEATH TAKES A BRIDE. In the Kingdom of Minoa, a sacrifice of a virgin girl is given to the God of Death...
  • wattys2017
  • queen
  • love
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After all this time by blueclovis19
After all this timeby Chloe Lyon
What would you do if one night out of the blue your husband threw you out? Better yet what would you do if five years later he came back?
  • pain
  • divorce
  • bride
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His Mafia Bride by TanaRw
His Mafia Brideby Tana
I love his arms around me. They make me feel safe and loved. That is, until I see what he does with his hands and then I run for it. I left him in the dead of night...
  • hate
  • lie
  • bride
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Married to Mr. Mechanic  by _H-I-M_
Married to Mr. Mechanic by Zennan
(Highest ranking: #11 in chicklit, 20/08/18) This book contains mature themes, strong and frequent language and violence. A deepening relationship between a college grad...
  • bride
  • age
  • bad
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Captured To Become A Vampire Prince's Bride by byugancrystal
Captured To Become A Vampire Jessica
Arianne Rosalina DeWynters found herself in trouble one evening while she was exploring the park with her best friend. She's kidnapped, taken to another place- another w...
  • king
  • princess
  • bride
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The Substitute Bride [PUBLISHED] by sweetblunch
The Substitute Bride [PUBLISHED]by sweetblunch
*Published under Pop Fiction* He'd just have one problem in life... Nikos Pallis doesn't want a wife. The gorgeous Greek billionaire was notoriously known for having tor...
  • substitute
  • laila
  • bride
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The Billionaire's Gift by Estrellastar96
The Billionaire's Giftby ✨✨✨
Katherine Smith, young and independent, has worked hard all her life. From working hard through high school to get a full ride for undergrad to working while attending g...
  • black
  • original
  • spy
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Hide And Seek. by AsfarNoor
Hide And Asfar.
Book Two of the Mafia Series. "You can never escape from me, Rayla. You can run, you can hide but I will find you, my love." ←♥→ His presence felt so real. Alm...
  • mafialord
  • desire
  • possession
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Arranged to Love by KatherineIn
Arranged to Loveby KatherineIn
Vera Laurenti was a eighteen year old girl who had just graduated from High School. She never had a normal childhood. She grew up without her parents who didn't want her...
  • business
  • italian
  • arrangemarriage
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The Orsini Bride [PUBLISHED] by sweetblunch
The Orsini Bride [PUBLISHED]by sweetblunch
***Published under Pop Fiction*** "I need you to find me a bride." Francesca Marcolini never expected that the day will come when the handsome devil who nagged...
  • orsini
  • bride
  • marriage
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Hello My Fake Fiancé (Book 1 Hello Series) by redladiebug
Hello My Fake Fiancé (Book 1 Emily
Dr. Dawson Conn is your average Man's Man. You know the type, single and always ready to mingle. The thought of settling down never crosses his mind. His mother on th...
  • groom
  • comedy-romance
  • babies
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The Dangerous Prince by Iamnikki1
The Dangerous Princeby Nikki Hall
#1 in Vampire (22-10-16) #1- THE CRYSTAL AWARDS WINNER 2016 _____ UPDATES: SATURDAY _____ Once, there was a Princess. Princess Anastasia of Valona. The Kind-hearted sou...
  • mystery
  • vampires
  • paranormal
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The Devil's Bride by TriciaDehler
The Devil's Brideby Trish L.D
On Petrina Malazzo's eighteenth birthday, she expected to die by the hands of the Devil, but instead a marriage contract slides in front of her. "We are flawed hum...
  • groom
  • bride
  • devil
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Bride Wannabe (Completed) by FionaQueen
Bride Wannabe (Completed)by Fiona Queen PHR
"Ang sarili kong puso ang nagdikta na mahalin kita..."
  • wannabe
  • sweet
  • romance
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The Emperor's Phoenix by raisedbywolvees
The Emperor's Phoenixby Y. P.
As Liu Ying Yue returns to her family home after many years, her cunning step-mother decides to send her off to be wedded to the emperor of the Shadow Realm. Expecting...
  • imperial
  • romance
  • lifeanddeath
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Mommy Mouse (sequel to City Mouse) by TaniHanes
Mommy Mouse (sequel to City Mouse)by TaniHanes
🐹Highest Ranking: #50 in Chick Lit 🐹 Martha Mouse Cameron is newly engaged and living with her fiancé, Henry Gardener, and his young son, Leo, in New York City. She's...
  • chicklit
  • widow
  • newadultread
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His Unwanted Bride by withink
His Unwanted Brideby m.
An arranged marriage and a plan were enough to make me feel like his unwanted bride. #30 in humour. #79 in romance. REQUIRES A HEAVY EDITING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. cove...
  • marriage
  • wattys2018
  • funny
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Empress Natsume by Editer
Empress Natsumeby Izaya
Highest Rank #5 in historical fiction. In a world where Natsume lives in, women are not allowed to step in a battlefield where men fights, all they have to do is to sit...
  • romance
  • lady
  • historicalfiction
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Bride of Jungkook ( Jungkook x reader) by Sakeera_X
Bride of Jungkook ( Jungkook x Sakeera Hossain
"Remember...wherever you are, whoever you're with, I'll hunt you and find you, and when I do, don't expect to be able to escape, cuz you'll be mine in the end. If y...
  • xreader
  • mafia
  • bride
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The Viking's Bride by NikkyMaxwell
The Viking's Brideby NikkyMaxwell
Valin is a young girl who lived peacefully, that was until she was ripped away from everything she knew and tossed into a world of love, lies, lust, heart break and betr...
  • wattys2016
  • viking
  • lust
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