Hired Bride (COMPLETED) by Niksterx
Hired Bride (COMPLETED)by Ailah
*COMPLETED* Kelsey Parker is an average 23 year-old woman with financial needs. With her little brother in the hospital, her mother working as a babysitter, and her not...
  • complete
  • bride
  • pretend
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The Woman In The Palace by Jan-Jan2000
The Woman In The Palaceby NOODLES
"You're beautiful." He murmured. I would have blushed, but this man was so rude and mean to me earlier that his compliment made no impact at all. "I need...
  • love
  • historicalfiction
  • tearjerker
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Married to Mr. Mechanic  by _H-I-M_
Married to Mr. Mechanic by ?
(Highest ranking: #15 in chicklit, 09/06/18) This book contains mature themes, strong and frequent language and violence. A deepening relationship between a college grad...
  • boy
  • age
  • erotic
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Blood Bride by PacifyingWords
Blood Brideby Author Jasmine Garcia
His breath was hot against her neck and it made her writhe in discomfort, but that discomfort was replaced by the sharpness of his fangs burying themselves into her vein...
  • war
  • arrangedmarriage
  • vampire
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After all this time by blueclovis19
After all this timeby Chloe Lyon
What would you do if one night out of the blue your husband threw you out? Better yet what would you do if five years later he came back?
  • husband
  • pregnancy
  • pain
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The Viking's Bride by NikkyMaxwell
The Viking's Brideby NikkyMaxwell
Valin is a young girl who lived peacefully, that was until she was ripped away from everything she knew and tossed into a world of love, lies, lust, heart break and betr...
  • romance
  • bride
  • historicalfiction
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The Back-up Bride (The Billionaire's Bride Book 2) (completed) by Dredge116
The Back-up Bride (The Dredge
Grace Fernandez hasn't had any luck when it comes to men. She was invited to a wedding where the Bride doesn't show up. The Groom (Chad Kristofferson) is desperate to ma...
  • mistakes
  • backup
  • generalfiction
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Midnight Reads by kayzeeDawn_
Midnight Readsby fluffyyy
These books had me staying up as late as 3am. I guarantee you will love these books, especially if you are into the same genre as I am (which is mostly, but not limited...
  • cliche
  • youshouldreadthemcausetheyarejustamazing
  • bride
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His Mortal Bride by Maddie_May01
His Mortal Brideby ↣Maddie↢
Being kidnapped is one thing. Being taken to a Kingdom full of immortal vampires, that's another thing. To everyone, Raven is nobody. If anything, she's an average 20 ye...
  • featured
  • king
  • mystic
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The King's Cursed Bride by ElizabethNewsom
The King's Cursed Brideby Elizabeth Newsom
Betrothed to the King. Cursed since birth. All her life, Carissa's been betrothed to a man she's never met and inflicted with a curse she's never seen. Tired of waiting...
  • fantasy
  • -romance
  • cursed
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Just Me Again by YumnaMahmood
Just Me Againby S.Yumna Mahmood
Maria Wayne left after she was accused and betrayed by her love of her life. No matter how much he tries to make things better between them - Maria had enough. She could...
  • romance
  • ex
  • maira
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Empress Natsume by Editer
Empress Natsumeby Izaya
Highest Rank #6 in historical fiction. In a world where Natsume lives in, women are not allowed to step in a battlefield where men fights, all they have to do is to sit...
  • fantasy
  • lady
  • anime
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A Bride For A Merger by SanC-Rylie
A Bride For A Mergerby San Clarke
Allison Diamond is forced to married Christopher Lee as a result of forming a merger between both of their fathers' companies. The merger of the two companies would make...
  • love
  • clint
  • arrangedmarriage
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Arranged to Love by KatherineIn
Arranged to Loveby KatherineIn
Vera Laurenti was a eighteen year old girl who had just graduated from High School. She never had a normal childhood. She grew up without her parents who didn't want her...
  • wife
  • millionaire
  • billionaire
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The Emperor's Phoenix by raisedbywolvees
The Emperor's Phoenixby Y. P.
As Liu Ying Yue returns to her family home after many years, her cunning step-mother decides to send her off to be wedded to the emperor of the Shadow Realm. Expecting...
  • palace
  • humor
  • empress
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My De Luca Bride [Completed] by LittlePumpkinWriter
My De Luca Bride [Completed]by LittlePumpkinWriter
Highest Rank in Romance: #54 Yes- One Powerful Word that can Change Everything Most of the time when a person is asked for marriage, that person immediately says yes. Bu...
  • relationship
  • heartbreak
  • billionaire
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Captured To Become A Vampire Prince's Bride by byugancrystal
Captured To Become A Vampire Jessica
Arianne Rosalina DeWynters found herself in trouble one evening while she was exploring the park with her best friend. She's kidnapped, taken to another place- another w...
  • war
  • love
  • king
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Fix A Heart by Estrellastar96
Fix A Heartby ✨✨✨
Angelica Vinson has been put through the ringer. Married to her college sweetheart, now the ultimate betrayal has put scars on her heart. After losing her marriage and l...
  • redemption
  • original
  • startover
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Death's Bride [New Version] by XcHocolateXluver
Death's Bride [New Version]by Caroline Frias
Lily is Seer. What is a Seer? A Seer is someone whose sixth sense is stronger than most people's and can see Death. Lily did not chose to be one, she just wants to be n...
  • bride
  • deaths
  • death
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MERE AJNABI -Manan  by ishikrish3
MERE AJNABI -Manan by ishikrish3
man- mom I don't know who she is girl- starts crying...... mom is in a fix dad is confused with what is happening Read more to find out what is happening The story wil...
  • past
  • manan
  • nandini
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