We Talked About Tomatoes: 18 - Visits

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Sorry last chapter was boring. My love for WTAT is dying. Sad, but true. Therefore I cannot make you something that you will enjoy if I don't enjoy it myself. Therefore I will be finishing WTAT. I had planned for it to go longer but . . . well, sorry. Sorry if it will sound rushed it's either that or endless boringness! :O



New York, I am back, Georgia greeted silently. She held Harriette's tiny hand and followed her best friend Zoe to their apartment. Zoe carried one of their bags as she spoke animatedly and speedily about the goings-on that Georgia had missed.

"Okay, so William finally asked Serena out. Ben's off, he went to L.A. for a while. We all think he's trying to score a record deal or whatever. Jaymee's working at a bookstore slash cafe now and there's this guy who always goes there that she's practically in love with even though they've never spoken to each other. Unless, "Would you like sugar with that?" counts. And I know that you're excited about the final thing. Australia! The guy's been hanging around. His name is Jordan Smith. He's about a decade or so older than us. But he's excited like a little high school girl," Zoe concluded as she twisted the small key into their apartment's doorknob.

"Now, don't worry you don't owe me any rent. I know you've been gone for about forever but when you've got a deal like this you can pay us later! Don't forget partial rent for the gallery either. And how is little Harriette going?"

"I can read a bit now! Oh and I can count. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven-" Harriette counted slowly.

"Eight-nine-ten! Yay!" Zoe interrupted, zipping through the last few numbers. "Okay so Australian hottie is going to the gallery in an hour. I told him you'd be coming today. So go meet him, go discuss, go savour that accent in your ears."

Georgia gave a tight smile. Australia. She still hadn't made a decision. I guess I will now, she presumed.


The minute Georgia stepped into her and her friends' art gallery she knew who the dealer was. That might have been because the store was closed and therefore he was the only one standing there, admiring one of Ben's artworks. Even if this gallery was packed she would easily identify him. Just standing there he exuded this irregular confidence and it drew your eyes to him. He was in a latte coloured suit with a black button-up underneath. Georgia looked at her old, drab jeans and paint-splattered t-shirt. Yeah. Not a good look when you're meeting the guy that might change your life.

Jordan finally noticed her presence - which shouldn't be that hard since they had a bell that rang every time the door opened. He turned around and gave a stunning smile before walking towards her. Georgia had to admit the guy was cute. She gestured for him to sit down on a leather arm chair while she sat across him, a glass table in the middle of their selves. Sure, he was in his thirties but he was pretty damn cute. Zoe had been right. He had beach-bleached hair and a fabulous tan almost impossible to score without going to a tanning salon here in NY. His accent was pretty hot, too. Even though these were all great things to distract her she was focusing on the words that emitted from his mouth.

"Now, I have a contract for you. I can tell you're going to be big. Not that big but pretty big. All you have to do are those fabulous charcoal drawings as well as some oil paintings. You can arrive in Australia in approximately five weeks. That's the 28th, okay? Now, you have to pay for your own ticket and yada-yada but you get a discount. If you sign you're there for at least one and a half years minimum, depending on how you go about things. You will have a work visa there but if you enjoy it - and I know you will - you can apply for a live-in visa and stay there. All you have to do is sign." He clasped his hands together and leaned back on the leather armchair.

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