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Cousins, right?   [Completed] by littlecindersheep
Cousins, right? [Completed]by Kayla & Anna
23 year old Ryan is best friends (hopefully more than that soon) with 22 Annabeth Chase in the city of San Francisco. And today is Annabeth's birthday and Ryan wants not...
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Demigods and Mortals Meet||Completed by Night0512
Demigods and Mortals Meet|| Night
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One Direction Imagines And Preferences. by _VidhiS
One Direction Imagines And _VidhiS
We all love 1D and want to be friends/girlfriends/boyfriends with them. © Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved
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Percy Jackson One Shots and Short Stories  by unsureavenger
Percy Jackson One Shots and unsure avenger
Short stories, in no particular order, of the beloved characters from the universe of Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus. Includes various mortals, demigods, monst...
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Mortals Meet Demigods No Mist / Meet Percabeth Percy Jackson Fanfiction by PercyJacksonGreek
Mortals Meet Demigods No Mist / Abi
These are scenarios where there is no mist and demigods are being revealed. I also do Meet Percabeth! Thank you all for reading, honestly so much. I never expected this...
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my spine is made of iron, and my heart pumps out old red paint. [ #487 IN FANFICTION ] meet my ocs...
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When It Rains In Ocala by writerbug44
When It Rains In Ocalaby Madeline
Never was there a girl so innocent, so good. So clueless to how this world works. She fell hard and fast for the boy in the rain. Never was there a love so pure, so perf...
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Outsiders and Percabeth by gracexadeee
Outsiders and Percabethby Grace Adelaide
Mortals, gods and demigods alike meet the famous duo, 'percabeth' and their reactions. This book is completed!
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Through Mortal Eyes (PJO/HoO Fan Fic) [SLOW UPDATES] by Books_forever19
Through Mortal Eyes (PJO/HoO Fan Books_forever19
One-shots about mortals thoughts when they meet a demigod. Some might be out of character.... I don't know. It might be a possibility. Note: I was inspired by @were_love...
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Will you be my...(Completed) by Confiantexetxbelle
Will you be my...(Completed)by Confiantexetxbelle
Trisha Smith is an ordinary 16-year-old girl who attends in Winford Elite High School. Almost all of the students there are filthy rich and one of them is her best frien...
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lost and found // calum hood by fallacioushopes
lost and found // calum hoodby carol
calum loses one of his rings during a show on the meet you there tour, what happens if a fan catches it and wants to return it to its rightful owner? book one of the lo...
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Mortals Meet Demigods by PJOHOOfan4eva
Mortals Meet Demigodsby PJOHOOfan4eva
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Fluff (A Meeting Percabeth Fanfic) by annabethweasley
Fluff (A Meeting Percabeth Fanfic)by Michelle
I know this is seriously overdone, apologies to all my readers but I really have always wanted to do my own meet Percabeth. This is a bunch of one shots of mortals, demi...
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Love Elevator by miss_oline
Love Elevatorby Caroline
Libby was a human girl that's full of pranks. She's running from her arranged marriage using the elevator. Dominic was a werewolf. He was an alpha of a powerful pack and...
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Meeting The Demigods by DoctorWhovian32
Meeting The Demigodsby Just a Writer
Pretty self explanatory, It's a story about our favorite heroes meeting mortals! [COMPLETED]
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Percabeth Stories by persassy_is_loyal15
Percabeth Storiesby persassy_is_loyal15
*Previously titled: People Meet Percabeth* This is a collection of original stories about Percy and Annabeth. This will include: •People meeting Percabeth •Percabeth on...
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Mortals Meet Demigods by percyjfangirl
Mortals Meet Demigodsby Meg
Decided To make a story like this! All rights go to their creators
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When Mortals Meet by JulialikesCandy
When Mortals Meetby Soozie
This is a collection of short stories where mortals meet the demigods. And Calypso. This is a rewrite of the original When Mortals Meet. I wrote the original story under...
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Meet Again ✧ S.S by writtenawayx
Meet Again ✧ S.Sby writtenawayx
"they haven't spoken to each other since the messy breakup five years ago." [Sebastian Stan x OC] [Social Media] [TRIGGER WARNING: anorexia, self harm, eating...
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meet ! [ 𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝗷𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗲𝘆 𝗯𝗼𝘆𝘀 ].  by -MAIRIS
meet ! [ 𝗻𝗲𝘄 𝗷𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗲𝘆 𝗯𝗼� 𝑚𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖 ❤︎ !
୧ *·˚ mattia and/or kairi, proceed at your own risk┆↰ in which they meet through an app * app name: meet! * app description: meet! is an app where you can be automatical...
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