We Talked About Tomatoes: 3 - The First Date

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Hey guys!

Sorry for the looonggg delay!! I've had a crazy week filled with tests and preparing to move and everything. I hope you enjoy this story! I am aware that actually not all of you guys (fans) even read WTAT. Even though there aren't a lot of readers, don't worry, I will still WRITE!! ^.^ I do love pleasing the minority. Enjoy!


P.S. Sorry if you've asked me to check out your story and I haven't. I've been busy with end of term exams. Sorry!


Last night I had a dream. Of me and Bryce, that distant past so long ago. Someone once told me that dreams are bad. Because, if you think about it, dreams always end and then you wake up. And you're back to reality.


Today was Saturday. Today Georgia was going out. Today Bryce was going out. Today was their first date. Little did they know that Steph, dragging a reluctant Nick along with her, would spy on them. She was curious and hopeful. Knowing that Bryce would be too shy to share possible disappointment she'd have to see it for herself. And if it was successful she wanted to see that too. Little did Ivy and Harry know that Steph did that with them, too.

Bryce arrived at Georgia's door. He was already nervous. His heart was already pounding. But he was excited. He was going to spend the sunset with Georgia. He would get to know Georgia even more. He would be with Georgia. This was enough to calm his heart down and to give him confidence. This was too much to keep from barging in through the door and dragging Georgia out.

He looked down at his casual attire. Simple jeans, an unbuttoned shirt over a white singlet. Was it enough? He looked at his empty hands. Should he have brought flowers? Or chocolates? Or SOMETHING? Bryce started becoming nervous again. So nervous that -

"Bryce! Sorry, I was, you know, fixing up," she shrugged with an eager smile after she ripped the door open. She hopped out of her small house that inhabited only herself and her two parents. She looked wide-eyed at Bryce, wondering what to do. Aren't guys supposed to take the lead on this? she asked herself.

To Bryce, Georgia looked gorgeous. Beautiful. Even more than usual. Her hair, covered by a straw hat, still casually messy but the messiness just added more appeal to her shiny brown locks. She wore a baby blue floral dress with baby pink flowers and trimming. To darken it up a little she wore sheer, ripped black tights and suede, black, ankle boots.

Bryce wiped his slightly sweaty hands down on his jeans. He cleared his throat. His mind had totally gone blank. Just a white empty space. A white empty space with one sentence floating around:

You've blown it already! You've blown it already!

That was when he decided to speak up. "SO, um, we should go," he suggested, jerking a thumb to his baby blue vespa. Georgia leaned to look at the vehicle behind him, not seeing it behind Bryce's wide shoulders. Bryce noticed and gulped. Do girls like cars more? he asked himself unsurely. "It's cheaper than a car and safer than motorbike. Sorry if it cramps your style."

Georgia hastily corrected him, "Oh! No. It's totally fine! I rode one of these when we lived in Italy. I love Vespas. I just haven't rode one of them in forever. So let's go!"


Soon enough they arrived at their First Date Destination. It was a small area. Just a wide enough walkway for a car, littered with street musicians, artists and stores. Clothing, food & hairdressing shops & banks lined the walkway's edges. The buildings were only one story allowing the clear blue sky meet the endless road that lead to the grassy, local park.

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