Beauty & The Freak by Devils_Assasin
Beauty & The Freakby Hanna
"Only when the purest beauty is birthed, and she blesses thy with a kiss of truest love and gives thy her all, will thy curse be relieved. Beware, the kiss is much...
  • comedy
  • boy
  • bad
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I am Secretly Married with Mr. Ice by -callmeden-
I am Secretly Married with Mr. Iceby deeee 🔰
I am only 16 years old and I am secretly married with Mr. Ice
  • love
  • pretend
  • nonfiction
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Always Forever | ✓ by paudickson
Always Forever | ✓by paula
This is book the third and final book in the Always Trilogy → | completed | Copyright © 2018 by paudickson. All Rights Reserved.
  • love
  • featured
  • bipolardisorder
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Fall Out Boy Imagines 4 by FallOutBarnes
Fall Out Boy Imagines 4by Mrs. Barnes/WentzStumpUrleyMan
What else can I say? Fourth book for our four favorite boys.
  • reader
  • joe
  • andyhurley
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Being Undead by AdeAlaoOluwaferanmiA
Being Undeadby Ade-Alao Oluwaferanmi Ayodele
Sleep, wake and work has been the centre of Laura Wall's life since she could remember. Even though she's one of the best Medical Examiners in the city, she has never be...
  • life
  • fall
  • fittingin
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The Moment I Fall For You by annsgirls
The Moment I Fall For Youby annsgirls
Nivedhitha a fun going lovely chubby girl who doesn't care about anything in this world. There is only one motive for her in life , keep smiling and make everyone hap...
  • annsgirls
  • sad
  • humor
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Anokhe Se Ye Rishtey ✔✔ by DaringDevilA
Anokhe Se Ye Rishtey ✔✔by Hells_Angel09
Cover credit goes to @lucky03m This story starts when Laksh comes back. Many twists and turns come in Swara life which she has to go through. A new journey of Swaragini...
  • swaragini
  • springawards2018
  • swasan
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I don't fall in love | Wattys2018  by writertjs
I don't fall in love | Wattys2018 by writertjs
I walked away, just trying to get away from him and the way he made me feel. He wasn't good for me. He made me weak. He made me feel. I've never wanted that. He should...
  • book
  • store
  • lover
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Nightfall (A Harry Styles Fanfiction) by hauntedbx
Nightfall (A Harry Styles Fanficti...by Beka
Vampires? Oh my.
  • after
  • styles
  • funny
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.Rise And Fall.  by _takenbyshawnbut_
.Rise And Fall. by Lipika Boro
Life is hard when you have a working mother without a father. But its harder when the school's bad boy Nickel Black is your freaking neighbor. *** Serena Williams is 17...
  • love
  • neighbours
  • obsession
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WE MIGHT FALL (J.SNOW 2) by somethingedgy3a
WE MIGHT FALL (J.SNOW 2)by Something Edgy
(THINKING OF SNOW 2) "Now that we are older, I remember you. Reaching out to show me all the things that I must do. Now that we are older, I remember youth. Now tha...
  • winter
  • robb
  • asoiaf
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She's With Me- Adopted By Brendon Urie by MadSalty017
She's With Me- Adopted By Brendon...by MadSalty
Mari is not your average 15-year-old. Most people at her orphanage call her plenty of names, most of which include (but are not limited to) emo, hipster, smart-ass, nerd...
  • adopted
  • fall
  • fanfiction
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When They Accedentally Meet by Knight_prinzessa15
When They Accedentally Meetby Knight_prinzessa15
What if everything is an accident?? When you accidentally bumped to a man,,,and accidentally hear the convo between him and his friend,,,and accidentally fall with him...
  • amnesia
  • cj
  • troy
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Oxford Comma [BOYXBOY] by holliesarah
Oxford Comma [BOYXBOY]by Hollie
Like Oxford Comma? Buy me a coffee: http://ko-fi.com/hollieblog Who gives a fuck about an Oxford comma? Purple Envy are on hiatus, and for Oliver Godfrey, it means retur...
  • oxford
  • mxm
  • boyxboy
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Dating Hollywood's Bad Boy by laurenejohnson
Dating Hollywood's Bad Boyby Lauren Elizabeth
When Jack Stone accepts a "challenge" from Kaylyn Bradford to make her fall in love with him, Kaylyn hates Jack even more. She is the one person who doesn't ad...
  • funny
  • date
  • under
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Pete Wentz a Father? ~EDITING~ by RickmyRoll
Pete Wentz a Father? ~EDITING~by Rin
Skye has lived her life without a father, finding out that the bass guitarist of her favourite band is her dad sends her feelings about have a one into a spiral. Hating...
  • joe
  • pete
  • out
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Fall |S.M by twinpeakshawn
Fall |S.Mby s.
We met in the Fall. And just like that season, I fell for you.
  • fall
  • shawn
  • âu
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Sarah Montana Living In The Boys' Dorm [Completed] by Cellienda
Sarah Montana Living In The Boys'...by Cellienda
Krystal Hayden, treated as an outcast in this rich school she doesn't even want to stay in, aren't like any other girl. She isn't spoiled with money and can't meet any c...
  • strong
  • song
  • daydream
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High Risk Family (Book Three) by KiaraLotts
High Risk Family (Book Three)by Lotts415
In public middle aged Carla (aka Candy) and her husband Tristan are just family with three kids who go to the most popular private school, live in a nice house in the su...
  • vote
  • interracial
  • life
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Burning Desire (A Papa Emeritus III Fanfiction) by RowanScarlet
Burning Desire (A Papa Emeritus II...by S. C. Craven
Evelyn's sister and nephew are burned for Witchcraft; now Evelyn is next. There's only one problem: Josephine was innocent, Evelyn isn't. Now the only way she can surviv...
  • papaemeritus
  • sisterofsin
  • romance
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