Jason's Little Rich Girl

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Justin Bieber as Jason Mccan.

He's the same bipolar. Crazy drugs dealer.

"Baby girl you made me proud was the last thing," my dad said before you came on the plane.

See you've had life easy your dad's an owner of (Your Last Name) firm. It's the best law firm.

You've only fought for millionaires and billionaires on hard ass cases.

Your dad's so glad that you've climbed to the top of his money building Empire.

He looks at you with some much honor and he knows you'll always make a good decisions.

But he might like the decision for who you chose to be your boyfriend.

Jason McCann I know what you're thinking is this girl insane, but you just love him. He's an amazing person.

You got up from his grib." Where are you going? "Jason asked sometimes he's too possessive

He didn't even let you sleep at your place because he wanted to make you safe.

" My dad's coming in town I have to go, "you said. He frowned his eye brows he hates when you leave.

He also knows about your dad and he knows that he'll never like him.

" I'll be back, "you said you gave him a kissed on the cheek and left.


The dinner was strange because you thought it was just gonna be you and your dad and your mom but some other dude was here.

" So honey Jermaine is single, "she said. And?

" Oh that's nice, "you said.

" I think you two should mingle, "your dad said.

"I know I don't want any guy with my baby but he might actually be the one."

You can't believe this.

Love y'all.

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