Momma Don't Want No Hustler

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Y/B/S/N - Your Big Sister Name

"Y/B/S/N I don't want you with that dirty boy! "your mother shouted.

" He's not like that momma, "she said. Her boyfriend was Christopher Moore he went by lil Twist.

He was apart of a gang of course. Actually the worst in the country.

You didn't judge her because well you'll find out.

" Momma I love him he's not like what you think, "she argued.

" I don't wanna hear it! "she shouted.

Your sister just sat there and ate her food.

You got a text on your phone and that was sent from..... Well you'll find out.

" Momma I'm gonna go to the movies now, "you said.

" Ok baby, "she said.

You ran outside and catch the bus to the person that texted you.

After Bus ride

You finally reached to the pitch dark alley. You weren't afraid of this because your boyfriend basically run this bitch.

You boyfriend was.... Oh there he is.

"Justin! "you screamed. He looked at you quickly he was sealing some guy drug or something.

He then ran over to you.

"You want the police to find me you screaming my name? "he asked.

" Um ok I'm leaving, "you said. You turned around to walk away.

Justin pulled you into his arm.

" I was just kidding baby," he whispered in your ear "you ready for the movie?" he asked.

"Yeah, "you replied.

" How did your mom let you go? "he asked.

" I didn't tell her it was you of course you said. She doesn't even want Y/B/S/N with Twist, "you said.

" You ever think she's gonna like me? "he asked. You could see in his eyes he wanted her to like him but she won't.

She doesn't understand. She should because it's just like her situation his mom died and his dad wasn't around.

He had to turn to the streets. I just wish she could understand.

It's ok you don't have to answer he said. Let's go he said happier.

At the Movie

You guys were watching the lion king. Dam you loved that movie.

You and Justin were well snuggled up until......

'Dingg 'his phone rang. You looked at him and so did everyone else.

"Justin why the hell is your phone on? "you asked.

" It's nothing it well stop ringing, "he said.

It rang again.

" I'm a kill who ever's calling me, "he said. He didn't answer.


' Ring ring' your phone started ringing.

" Hello, "you said softly in your phone.

" Um Y/N I SAW YOU WITH THAT FUCKING WHITE BOY!! "you heard a voice scream.

Oh shit.

" Ma? "you asked.

" Nah it's just me, "Y/B/S/N said.

" That's not funny," you said.

"Well have fun, "she said.

You hang up your phone and ot looked like Justin hang his up also.

" Justin who was calling you? "you asked.

" Oh my little sister, "he said.

You have a sister you asked.

" Yeah, "he said.

" I wanna meet her sometime, "you said.

He laughed" when I meet your mom."

But Momma Don't Want No Hustler. Haha I tried. Love y'all truly. Please vote.

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