Mr. Bieber

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'Dingg' the bell just rang.

"Uggg its time for class."

You always just skip class because that's what your friends Abby, Sarah and Jessica does.

You didn't really like them but their were the cool kids.

"Hi guys I heard Ms. Parkers gone". "So no class?" Jessica asked .

"No stupid we'll have a sub"Abbey said.

Sarah and I laughed.

"So are we gonna skip? "Sarah asked.

" Of course we're going to skip" Abbey said.

Abbey's like the leader so we do what she says.

"Let's go outside and have a smoke" Abbey said.

We nodded our heads and head outside.


A puff of smoke came out of my mouth.

"Y/N when are you going to lose your v-card? "Jessica asked.

" My what? "you asked.

" Your virginity baby girl "Abbey said.

" I don't know" you said.

You took another puff.

You then saw a black Ferrari.

"Who's ride is that? "Sarah asked.

" Wanna steal it" you asked.

"Yeah let's take a closer look at it" Abbey commented.

"Ok wow this looks amazing" you said placing your hand at the front of the car.

"How much do you think it cost?" Jessica asked.

"We'll let the math genius do that" Abbey said referring to you.

I smiled and said" ok how are we gonna get it. "

" I'll see if a door's open" Abbey said while trying to open the door.

"Hello ladies. "A handsome man with brownish hair said it was almost turning blonde .

" Hi sir" you said nervous as hell.

"Aren't you ladies so post do be in school. "

" Well we are in the school parking lot "Sarah said.

I couldn't do anything but laugh.

He laughed too.

" Why are you asking all these questions man? "Abbey asked with a lot of attitude.

" Well I just want to no." He replied

"Um do you guys know where room 2 is? "he asked.

" Yeah that's where we're so post to be" Sarah said.

"Sarah "Abbey and Jessica screamed.

" We'll show you" you said.

"We" they all said at the same time.

"Ok me "you said holding your hand up correcting your mistake.

" I'll show you" you said heading to the room.

You to were walking inside.

"Excuse Ms."

"Yeah. "

" What's your name? "

" Y/N "you replied.

" That's a nice name" he said.

You smiled." Here's the room" you informed him.

You turned to walk away.

"Aren't you going to stay this is your class. "He told you.

" Yeah but I'm going back for my friends. "

" But their right there" he said they were standing right beside .

"Excuse me sir. What's your name?" You asked.

"Justin Bieber but I'm going to be your teacher so Mr. Bieber. "

You said" ok" then walked away.

"Hi guys" you said walking to your friends.

"Hi "Jessica and Sarah said.

Abbey looked like she was thinking.

" Hi Abbey" you said to crap her attention.

"He should do it." She said

"Do what you? "asked. " Take your virginity. "

" What you? "asked out of shock he's a teacher why would she say that.

" But he's a teacher "Sarah said.

" But he's fine and every girls gonna want him."Abbey said.

"So are you going to do it our chicken out? "Abbey asked.

Hope you like it .

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