Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Part 3

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I'm so sorry I took so long. I'm so sorry I put it at the beginning of the story. Love y'all.

"What the fuck? "a confused Pattie asked.

She's pretty short she was shorter than you.

" Justin who this? she asked.

"Um mom this is my girlfriend YN,"he introduced you.

"Um Justin how have you never introduced me to this girl before? "she asked.

" Well because um....., "


"Who is this? "Pattie asked.

" My brother "you said then you pushed him to the side and said" I'm just gonna talk to him. "

" How did you get here? "you asked quietly.

" Dad fell for your ' it's OK 'scam but I didn't I know you still liked him. When dad told me to leave I stayed and spied on you, "he informed.

" So you mean you saw-

"Yeah I saw you when you were at the bus stop to when you got here."

"Oh my gosh your such a stalker,"you said playful pushing him.

"It doesn't matter your coming home with me, "he said.

" No I don't want to," you replied.

"You wanna stay here with this lil white boy? "he asked getting a little bit louder.

" If I go back daddy's gonna make me stop see Justin and I love him so I'm staying, "you said be suburb.

" You're 16 you DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS! "he screamed the part about you not knowing what love is.

You know what love is and you know Justin loves you.

" I'm not arguing anymore, "you said and you were walking back to Justin until Y/B held your arm and dragged you back.

" If you go back to him I'll tell paps," he said.

"Tell paps, wait I'm confused, "Pattie said.

You felt Justin protective arms touch you.

" You can't go I'm not letting you go again, "he said, you could see that he was about to cry, but it's for his own good if he tells paps then, paps will tell the media.

" I have to go, "you said." Dam right you have to, "Y/B said.

" You can't go -" Justin said but you interrupted him.

"WHY NOT JUSTIN it's for the best, "you said.

" Because I love, "he said. These words made your heart skip a couple of beats. After all this Justin's still into that got to be love.

" I love you too, "you said." I'm so confused, "Pattie said.

" Ugg you can't love her your fucking 21 and she's 16 asshole! "he shouted.

" She's what? "Pattie asked.

" Mom I can explain, "Justin said.

" Well we ain't got time for that we leaving, "your brother said grabbing your arm.

" No, no you can't go paparazzi are outside, "she informed.

" I don't give a flying fuck, "your brother said." If she doesn't get home dad's gonna kill her, "he added.

He dragged you outside." I'm not going! "you shouted.

" Yeah you're coming with me now, "he said dragging you. You ran you nails in the door trying to keep yourself inside.

" Let go of her! "Justin shouted you could see Pattie holding him back.

" No Justin it's ok, "you said you were already ousting if his house he ran out towards you.

" Know I love, "he said then he pressed his pink soft lips on yours.

He then pulled you closer explore every concern in your mouth.

You then saw the flash of a camera.

Oh shit!

" Are you J. B's new girl?"

"When did relationship start? "

All these random question were being thrown at you as you and Justin try and hide your eyes from the camera flashes.

Y/B grabbed you and you two ran to the car.

" I'm gonna tell-"

He's phone rang, he placed it on loud speaker.

"I SAW THE FUCKING PICTURES WITH Y/N AND THAT LIL WHITE BOY AND I'M TELLING THEM YOU'RE 16 he's a$$ is going to jail! "he shouted threw the phone.

" No daddy please don't, "you begged.
" Y/N it's either he goes to jail or you never come back to my house. "

Which one would you choose. I hope you liked. I'm gonna try to update sooner thanks for the vote y'all are the best.

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