Sorry (He's Blind Part 4)

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1 week later

You sat in your room crying. Your mom tried to comfort you.

"Baby lots of women raise children without the baby's father, "she said. What she said was true, but even though Justin was being very mean to you. You know he'll never leave his child.

" Mom Justin's gonna be in the baby's life, "you said. She sighed" baby girl I know you love - "you interrupted.

" You mean loved, "you said.

" Okay I know you loved Justin, but I don't want my grand child to get hurt or you to be rejected, because his mom don't like black people and he's being a dick, "you forgot all about Brittany she's the reason your not with Justin right now. You couldn't fully blame her because he has a mind of his own.

" So what you gonna do? "your mom asked.

" I'm going to Justin's this afternoon, "you said.

This Afternoon

You can't believe this is happening you thought as you stood outside of Justin's mansion.

You pressed the door bell and was met baby the wicked witch herself.

" Ewww your here, Justin doesn't care for your kind anymore." You really was tryna keep your cool.

"Can I speak to Justin, "you said putting emphasis on his name.

" I don't think- "she interrupted by a voice which belonged to the person you wanted to talk too.

" Mom who is it? "he asked.

" No one just the gold digger, "she said. You grinned your teeth.

" You mean Y/N? What does she want? "he asked.

" She says she wants to talk to you."

"Let her in. "You came and you walked Justin to his room because you wanted to talk in private.

" So what's the wrong. I thought I said. I didn't want to talk to you again, "he said.
You just looked at him." What has she turned you into? "You asked.

" 'She 'as in my mother. The person who's done nothing but look out for me the only person who loves me for me and not what I can give her?" He asked.

The nervous of this ass hole. "No the same person that turned you against your wife. The same person that's a racist bitch that's the she I'm talking about," you said.

''She's not racist she just doesn't like gold diggers, "he said.

" Fuck you! "you screamed.

" Fuck you too! "he barked.

" Ughhhh, "you spoke to your two months completely flat stomach." Your daddy's gonna be the death of me."

"Who are you talking to? "Justin asked. He got from the bed with out his stick
( You know the stick blind people use I don't know if I has a name or so).

He almost fell down. You wanted see him fall, but you be helped him up.

You placed him on the bed and he asked" are you pregnant? "

" Yes, "you said releasing a sigh. You waited but he said nothing just sat there. You came out of his room and with that you were off.

You heard Brittany asking him questions, but he didn't reply.

At home

You cried your eyes out into a pillow.

You don't know how Justin feels about the pregnancy. You just want the best for your unborn child.

While crying you heard your phone buzzing.

You didn't study it at first but there came more buzzing after.

You turned it on and show a saw a message from Justin. Yes you still have his number saved.

I'm sorry

It was a picture (at the top)
Then another text and Jerry is too please come home. You giggled maybe it could work.

This is worst than the first one sorry.

Love  y'all

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