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"Justin my feet hurts," I said.

"Oh baby want me to massage it for you? " Justin asked you let out a breath of relief when he took off my slippers.

I started to moan when he placed he's soft baby hands under my foot.

After Massage

" Thanks baby, "I said giving Justin a kiss.

" Babe I can't wait for the baby to come, " Justin said.

" Well it could come anytime now wahh! "I screamed the last part because I was feeling pain.

" Are you okay babe? " Austin asked.

" Justin my water broke, "I said. I was in pain.

Justin lift you up from my chair and carry me to the car.

" Babe just keep breathing, "he said.

We finally reached at the hospital and after Austin talked to the lady at the counter.

I got help and was rush to the delivery room.

I saw my mom and dad Justin probably called her.

" Nicki make it stop, "I cried.

" I'm sorry baby you have to do this, "she said.

" Just bite Justin , "she suggested.

" Ok Mrs. Bieber you need to push on three, "the doctor said.

" 1,2,3, "I bit Justin .

" A haha!" he screamed.

"This is all your fault! "I screamed to Justin .

" Mrs. Bieber you need to push again on three "

" 1,2,3 "


" Here's your lovely baby girl, "the doctor said.

But you need to do to again there's another.


Twins. My dream. My battery is so low.

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