Sex Slave Part 3

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You were biting your nails. You were crazy nervous. You have to tell Justin you're pregnant.

Yeah you took the test. You're excited to have a kid but Justin's still in a gang.

Would he actually quit for you?

You sat in your bed await for Justin's arrival.

"Babe I'm home, "you heard his loud voice said.

He came into the bedroom with a confused face.

" What? "you asked.

He crawled on the bed next to you.

" Why didn't you do the regular. You know run into my arms and kiss as usual, "he asked.

You looked down at your stomach.

" Is something wrong? "he asked.

" Well Justin, "you said.

" What babe Justin spit it out, "he said.

" I have good news, "you said.

" Wait I got even better news we just merge with Mahone's gang, "( a/n check out my Austin Mahone preferences for that story).

" Oh I don't think that well top what I have to say, "you said.

" So what is it you have to say? "he asked.

" Justin don't be mad. I'm pregnant, "you said.

" You are? "he asked. After that question there was a short silence.

" Is it a boy or a girl? "he asked.

What the....

" I don't know, "you said.

" Oh because I knew you were pregnant, "he said.

" What how come? "you asked.

" I tore the condom, "he said. You got very upset he's now merging with some other gang.

" Oh and I quit the gang, "he said.

Justin, Justin should if told me. Tomorrow's Austin Mahone interracial preferences day too. So I'm doing that and learning how to love but learning how to love first. Love y'all.

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