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The Rumors

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Why do they keep mashing you. You wonder. They keep saying that your dating (your second favorite male celebrity) and you weren't.

Justin was on tour so you don't know if saw the rumors but you were hoping he didn't and if he did he didn't believe them.

"Knock, knock, "you heard loud raping on the door. You know it was Justin and he sound angry.

" Hi babe, "you said and he sucked his teeth.

" Don't hi babe me I saw the rumors, "he said angrily.

" Justin it's just rumors, "you said and he looked at you as if you were crazy.

" I don't want you hanging with him again, "he said and you couldn't believe this fool.

" Justin rumors were there that you were fucking Hailey and I believe you when you said you weren't I can't believe! "you screamed and stormed off.

Before you left you saw that, that that one hit Justin really hard.

He kept following behind of you and saying sorry.

You gave him the silent treatment.

Until he turned your head.

" I'm sorry babe I should've understand, "he said.

You didn't talk to him.

" Talk to me. What can I do? "he asked.

" Trust me Justin I would never cheat on you, "you said.

" I know baby, "he said and gave you a peck on the lips.

Love y'all.

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