He Isn't A Nerd

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Because of all that love. I'll like to tell y'all thank you. I decided to do updates frequently ok.

"Ok the bottom number is the what? "Y/T/N asked. You were the only listening.

" Anyone?" she asked you raised your hand. "Anyone except miss Y/L/N?" she said.

"I'm sworry I'm late Mwrs. Y/T/N" a boy said. He wore thick glasses and his hair was fire brown. He sound like that because he probably had his retainer on.

He was soaking wet and you could see his underwear.

"What happened to you Mr. Bieber?" the teacher asked.

Then Jacob and Kyle ran up behind him. They had to do this. He lied and said he fell.

The teacher told him to take his seat. He was trying to sit next to you until Jacob pushed him.

"Out of my way nerd, don't you know the ladies don't like smelling bad things? "Jacob asked.

" Well, that's why I don't want you sitting by me, "you said to Jacob.

" Baby you don't mean that? "Jacob asked. You don't know why he calls you baby because you'll never be this boy.

" I mean it and if you want a baby take dick out of your ass, "you said harshly. Everyone laughed.

" Don't speak like that," Y/T /N said.

Justin came and sat next to you.

"Thank you for doing that, "he said.

" I don't like seeing people being mistreated, "you said. He smiled and then you guys just sat and made jokes the whole class.

................ After Class.................

It was finally lunch and you as usual was the last one to go outside.

Justin went out before you. He was waiting on you, but you made him go. He's such a gentle man.

Before you walked outside you heard a loud Claning sound.

You didn't want to go outside you just stood up and listened.

"Nerd stop posing up on my girl, " a voice said it sound like Jacob.

"I wasn't with your girl. Who's your girl anyway?" the other person asked. It sound like Justin.

He's right you not Jacob's girl and you'll never be.

"Oh so she's not my girl? Is she yours?" Jacob asked.

"No but-"

"Bieber if you can you can make her your girl. I'll pay you a million dollars" Jacob announced with a laugh.

You walked outside. You don't want Justin being embraced so you said....

"Hi Justin, "Jacob dropped him from the locker.

" Hi Y/N, "Jacob said pushing Justin back.

" Um I was talking to Justin, "the guys that he was with laughed.

" Hi Y/N, "Justin said.

" You wanna go on a date? "you asked. You saw Jacob and his friends mouths hang.

" Yeah I'll love too, "he said. Yeah the boys supposed to ask the girl, but let's just change it up.

" What time do want me to pick you up? "he asked.

" Oh eight I'll text you my address, "you said.

And to seal the deal you gave him a kiss on the lip. You didn't expect him to kiss back but he did and dam he's a great kisser.

The guys around you gasped.

" Bye fellas, "you said with Justin's and your fingers intertwine.

Guess he's a millionaire.

Thanks for the birthday day love, love y'all. I love every one that wished me happy birthday.

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