Daddy Bieber *for Mia*

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"Waa" you heard the loudest cry ever from the room your daughter Y/D/N was sleeping in.

Justin just put her to bed. She wasn't crying when he was there but as soon as he leaves she all up in tears.

You left to braid your hair today. And she was with Justin and she's all in love with him now after one day.

One day that's all it took for her to forget get about all the times you changed her pampers, feed her, washed her sink and lets not forget gave birth to her.

"Waaa "you hurried out of your room to look for Y/D/N. When you reached you saw a shirtless Justin.

You didn't even saw him get out of bed but you guess he did.

"Mia" Justin said holding Y/D/N. "She was crying and I came to make her stop."

"It's OK" you told him. "But Justin you're holding her wrong."

"Her head is hanging to much "you put your hands under his and showed him how to do it.

She started laughing." Justin I think she's in love with you. "

After that she spat up on herself." Oh my gosh" you said.

You walked over to the drawer to get a shirt.

But then Justin said "Mia I can do it." He took out a shirt that said Daddy's Girl.

He placed it on her and she just kept laughing. She was such a daddy's girl.

He rocked her then put her into her crib to sleep. She didn't go to sleep immediately.

Justin just sat there looking at her and so did you. You didn't want to go she would start crying.

And you didn't like sleeping without Justin.

Justin started tickling her. Why would he do that, doesn't he want to sleep.

But it is cute seeing them together.

He stop tickling her and looked at you then back at her.

"Who does she look like? "Justin asked.

" Both of us I guess "you answered him.

"Hi Mia when she gets big lets braid her hair like yours."

"I guess, if she likes it."

Your baby yawned and so did Justin they sound the same.

That was so cute you thought.

"We can go now Mia" Justin said.

You two were heading out when

Y/D /N said" dada. "

" What? "Justin asked.

" Justin I'm sure she's not gonna say it again. "

" Dadaa" she said again.

Justin stuck his tongue out at you.

You rolled your eyes.

"Lets go to bed dadaa" you said.

I really tried for this one sorry if it's sucks. If anyone else wants one send me a request :) :) :)

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