I'm Home

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Justin left to go out with he's friends he's been gone with the guys for weeks now.

"It's a guy out thing" he said.

He was finally coming back home with he's hungry ass friends so you cooked a lot.

'Ding' you heard the door bell ring.

You ran to the door "hello honey" Za said. You just slammed the door on him.

"Open please I still love you "he said you rolled your eyes and laughed and opened the door.

" Where's Justin? "you asked.

" So you're cheating on me with him?"he asked.

"Stop playing with me boy" you said.

"Hi baby "Justin said coming from behind Za.

You ran into his arms and gave him hug.

" Can we come in? "Za asked.

" Yeah sure" you said letting go of Justin.

You were so glad it was just Za and Justin because you know you needed more food.

"Come in guys" Justin shouted.

And then you saw Twist, Alfredo, Khalil, Ryan and Chaz come out of Justin's car.

Oh my gosh you thought.

They all ran in and took up chicken leg.

Then took all the food in the pot.

"Justin your friends are pigs" you said.

"Aren't you happy I'm back? "he asked.

" Yeah but now that you brought them I wish you'd go back. "

Um I made Coming For you is book it's called All I Need Is Love. I hope you guys vote for it you guys were the only reason I made it love y'all.

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