Having His Baby

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You and Justin were married for eight months. Now you're pregnant.

You were surprised that you got pregnant so fast. Well not really the sex was amazing. So you were surprised that you didn't have it earlier.

You never told Justin well because you just don't know how to. But you know you want to tell him.

Today's his father's birthday so your going to the party and your planning on telling him there.

"Good morning beautiful" Justin said. "Good morning Justin." You replied.

"Baby I hope you didn't
forget. "Justin said." Of course not, wait forget what? "You asked trying to get on Justin's nerves.

" Baby "Justin whined." Justin calm down I didn't forget your dad's birthday. "Ok" he said.

You got up and head to the bathroom. You threw some water on your face.

You looked into the mirror your stomach was starting to show. You panic how can you hide this from Justin you thought.

You decided to wear a black dress, what better to cover it then with black. Your best friend told you black makes people look smaller.

And if Justin ever saw it you would just tell him your gaining weight.

"Baby "you heard Justin call from outside.

" Yea Justin." Are you finish in there? "No baby I'm gonna take a shower." Ok baby. "

You took your shower and now you're heading to the bedroom to put on your clothes. It covered your stomach well.

Now for the party." Baby you ready you to go? "Justin asked." Yes you said.

You were a little nervous and second guessed you're self the whole drive.

How will Justin take the news? What will his folks think. All these things were going through your mind.

"We're here Y/N" Justin announced.

He walked out of the car to open your door. You walked out slowly.

As you came through the door you could smell the food. For some reason you wanted to eat everything and that wasn't like you cravings you guessed .

"Baby" Justin said." I'm going to talk with my dad, you ok or are you going to come with me. "

" I'm ok Justin "you said laughing he was acting like you were five. You were more worried on how you're gonna tell him and his folks that you're pregnant.

" Hi Y/N "Justin's mom greet you." Hi Pattie" you just called her Pattie you two were close like that. "You look nervous honey are you ok Y/N?" She asked you.

"Well um." Just spit it out honey" she said trying to get what you're saying.

"Well-. "

" Hi mom Justin" said hugging Pattie. "What's my son up to?" Well you know "Justin said.

" What were you two talking about?" Justin asked. "Well a Y/N was just about to tell me something."

"What were you going to tell mom baby? "Justin asked you.

" Well-. "Hi Pattie" Jeremy said.

"Hi Jeremy" Pattie said. Hi Y/N.

"Hi Jeremy" you said.

"What's up? "he asked" well she was about to tell me something to until, Justin and you interrupted me. "

" What was it you were saying baby". "Well-." Just spit it out they all said at the same.

"I'm pregnant! "you shouted out of frustration. They all just sat there with their mouths hanging.

" What? "Justin asked." I'm pregnant" you said softer.

Then Pattie finally broke the silence by saying." I'm gonna be a grand mother. "

" Me too" Jeremy said. "Well not a grandmother but you know what I mean."

"I'm gonna be a dad" Justin said. You let go of a sigh you didn't know you were holding.

"Wait, Justin you didn't you?" Pattie asked. "No" Justin replied." Well Jeremy lets leave them together. "

" How many months are you?" Justin asked "Two "you replied.

" Baby why didn't you tell me earlier" Justin asked looking straight into your eyes. "Well I didn't know what you would think." Well baby you know I love kids."

You smiled you were happy he wanted kids. Then you two head outside with Pattie and Jeremy.

"You guys finish sorting things out?"Pattie asked. "Yea" you replied. "I'm so happy. "

" Best birthday ever" Jeremy said.

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