Playtime Is Over

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You've been arguing with Justin very often.

Must times for no reason. You feel like you had too, well because he might just slip up and want to go with another girl.

You just heard his playtime is over song and if your right it was about you.

He usual writes about your relationship so you were guessing its you.

"Justin "you yelled.

"Yeah babe" he replied calmly then coming down the stairs.

"What the hell is this?" you asked putting the computer with his song on it.

"Ohh well babe I wrote that song because you know we have been - "Justin didn't her to finish because you screamed.

"You wrote this song about me I won't say no names my ass I knew from the moment I heard it , it was me!" You screamed

"This is what I was talking about "he said .

"What , you're the reason we're always arguing "you told him.

"What you argued with me yesterday just because I was out until 10 p.m ." he informed you.

"That's because I know you're always looking for another - "you didn't want to say it.

You kept arguing with him .

"I hate you!"you screamed .

He turned around and crashed his lips on yours.

You tried to pull away but he had a good hold on you.

He then crabbed you by your butt and carried you to the couch .

"Justin get away from me "you said trying to pushing him off .

"Baby stop playing "he said then starting to suck on your neck .

"Mmm "you moaned . Wait don't let him get you all tied up with what he's doing.

"Jus-" you tried to finish he's name but you couldn't you felts so good.

Then he did the worst thing ever he started rubbing you through your pants that made you week as hell.

You couldn't even try to call his name.

He stopped and you manage to push him off .

"Justin we need to talk "you said sternly .

"Why?" he asked .

"Well because I don't well um "you were fumbling in how to put it in words.

"Babe don't ask me where I've been or where I'm gonna be it's such a waste of time playtime is over." He told you.

"Justin we have to fight cause you're gonna look for some other girl!" you screamed then covered your mouth.

You couldn't believe you just said that you didn't want to seem insecure.

"Y/N that's why you're always being upset baby I don't wanna move on I got married to you I love you" he said that drew tries to your eyes.

He then attached his lips to yours and we all know what came next . Let's just say nine months after you welcome twin babies into the world.

Thanks love y'all . I'm so sorry I haven't been updating . I really need to thank y'all . I'm going to try to update Mr.Bieber tomorrow. Love y'all:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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