Blended Family

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You were married to this ass hole in college. Yeah it's a bad idea and to make it worst you guys had unprotected sex.

You got pregnant and he said the your kid wasn't his.

You just move on with your life and raised your child by yourself.
You're now married to Justin to Justin who also has kids.

He has a son and you have a daughter.

You know he's not your daughter's father but he treats her well.

"Daddy can we go for ice cream? "she asked. She calls him daddy because that's how she knows him.

" Okay let's go, "Justin said.

" Aren't you gonna call mommy? "Justin's son asked. He called you mommy which you were happy for because you didn't want him to think of you as a bad mom.

" Yeah she can come if she wants, "Justin said.

" Of course I want to come, "you said.

You all went in Justin's car and went to the ice cream place.

Your daughter and Justin's son sat with each other and you and Justin sat together.

" Thanks babe, "Justin said and you were wondering for what. He paid for the ice cream.

" For what Justin? "you asked.

" For being a good mother to my son, "he said and you smiled.

" Thanks for being a good dad to my daughter, "you replied.

And he kissed you but he was getting rum and raisin and you hate that ice cream.

" Justin back off of me, "you said.

" You know you love mwe,"he said and you laughed.

Love y'all.

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