Teaching Him How To Cook

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"Baby what are you cooking? "Justin asked.

"Um bake chicken and mashed potato ." you told him.

"Ooh baby since we got married your always cooking" Justin told you.

"Yea Justin I always do so do you not like my cooking?" you asked.

"Yeah babe I love your cooking but I should cook sometime" he begged you.

"OK so what do you want to cook ?"you asked him.

"Umm sweet potato pie "Justin said with a big smile on his face.

"OK" you said then walking away you went into the living to watch T.V and no more then 10 seconds later .

You heard Justin yelling" Y/N "

You look over and saw flour on his face .

"Um Justin how did you get flour on your face ?"you asked "there's no flour in sweet potato pie" you said while laughing at how e looks.

"Wait there isn't , isn't flour in every pie?" he asked with a pouting voice.

"Haha Justin want me to show you how to do it ?"you ask him still laughing at how he looked foolish.

You walked in the kitchen with him and took up all the ingredients you needed .

Then you started boiling the sweet potato with the skin .

OK babe you need to do this for about 40 to 50 minutes or until it looks like its finish .

He nodd his head in obedience.

40 minutes later.

"I want to do the next step babe "Justin told you.

"OK run some cold water of the sweet potatoes and remove the skin and then break apart the sweet potato in a bowl and add butter-" you were interruped when Justin said slow down one step at a time .

"Haha !you laughed at what he said.

He held the pot with his bare hand.

"Ahaha "he screamed .

"Justin haha you can't haha hold the pot with your bare hand "you said between laughs.

"That's not funny "Justin said running his hand under the water.

"Can you do the other steps for me?"he asked.

You said" yes" and did the other steps.

You were finish mixing and adding the other ingredients.

"Y/N can I put it in the oven?" he asked.

"Yeah baby right after I put it in a pan" you put it in a pan.

Then you told Justin to put the oven to" 350 F° "he actly did it right .

You guys both shared the pie of curse pieces were left back.

"Y/N I love you" Justin said.

"I love you too "you replied.

"And umm I like it when you cook alone" he said while smiling.

Yeah thank you guys so much for voting . Love love love y'all. Hope you guys check out my book Mr.Bieber it's a continuation of Mr.Bieber . Thanks again :):):)

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