Doing Your Hair

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Justin kept watching the boyfriends do there girlfriend's hair video on YouTube and he wants to do yours.

"Okay Justin if your gonna cut my hair it's in braids your gonna have to cut it then burn the end."
He nod his head obediently and took out his scissors. You showed him where to cut it so wouldn't cut off your real hair.

He started cutting and he was going good until he said.

"Oh oh, "you looked at him demanding answers.

" What's wrong Justin? "you asked.

" Your heads big, "he said and you just sucked your teeth.

He was finished cutting the braids so he took out the lighter to burn the ends.

" Um Justin your holding that to close to my face, "you said.

This boy is about to burn you.

" I know what I'm doing. I'm not stupid, "he said you just sat quietly and let him finish your hair.

" Tada, "he said handing you the mirror and then you looked at yourself. You didn't look bad.

" Oh it looks good baby, "you said.

I wish I had a boyfriend like that.

Love y'all.

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