Love Yourself ( He's Blind

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I'm a little rusty. I had a little spare time. College's really hard but whatever okay it may be horrible.

Justin has become more and more annoying since that "amazing" lunch with his mom.

You really think that he's been listening to her stupid advice.

You got up from bed with all of this on your mind to be stopped by Justin.

"Where you going? "he asked. You rolled your eyes. To take a shower you said he chuckled.

" A shower or to cheat on me?"he asked. That's one of the dumbest suppositions ever.

"Justin I think you've been taking your mom's stupid advice to serious, "you said. He wasn't acting like this before she said.

" Well it's just my momma don't like you and she likes everyone, "he said. You can't believe this idiot. She's likes everyone like except for me and um the whole black female population right?

" How could you say that? "you asked looking directly at him. He didn't look at you well because he's blind, but he's next words were surely directed to you.

" How about you stop the FUCKING screaming in my mother fucking house!!!! "he shouted. You can't believe your ears.

All that you've done for this man he treats you like this. Justin and you have never argued before and yes you've been at his mom's house but this, this time he changed.

" Why do you think you can talk to me like that? "you asked tears streaming down your face.

" Because your just a gold digger you'll stay with me no matter what, "he said.

This isn't the Justin you feel in love with. It's not the Justin that said I do. This is Brittany's little bitch and she can have him all to her dam self.

" Justin I'm leaving, "you said. You got up and went to the closet for a few things.

" I don't care leave, "he said. You started crying harder how could he?

At your mother's house

" Baby girl stop crying you don't need that stupid ass white boy, "Y/M/N(your mother name) said.

You couldn't stop crying. It was more that Justin, it was the time, love and the fact that Brittany was now proven right.

" Mom.... I'm pregnant! "

Dan, dan doon. Okay it sucks but Yeah.

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