Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Part 5?

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Ok before I start thanks for the love. I want to choose between this and Momma Don't Want No Hustler for a book. That's why there's a question mark behind it. Choose one only people. Love y'all.

J= Well Selena come over and asked me to go out with her. I said no and she asked me why and I said I have a girlfriend. She then said Justin you don't mean that then she hugged me and asked me if I didn't miss her. I quickly pushed her away but you probably didn't see. I know you may not believe me babe but I love you.

You didn't believe a word Justin said until...... You heard your notification going crazy.

You then checked your Twitter news feed and your eyes became widen by the trends. There was stuff like :

J. B has a new girlfriend :(
Justin's got a black girlfriend :) :) ')

You then went on Google to check what the media was saying about this.

An article read : Selena Gomez ex- girlfriend of Justin Bieber has just relieved that Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend. She told our sources that Justin shut her out for this girl. She said I went to visit my ex- boyfriend because I was talking about forgiving him, but he said he had a new girlfriend Selena also told our sources.
You couldn't believe your eyes. What Justin said was true.

You immediately had to call him.

J= Hello Y/N?
Y/N= Hi baby I saw the trends, the article and everything and I believe you!
J= Really?
Y/N= Yeah I'm sorry for the being childish and listening to you.
J=It's okay if I saw you with someone else. I won't want to hear you explain yourself.
Y/N= I just wish you could tell them who I was :(:(
J=Me too :(:(:(

"Y/N!! "Your dad screamed. I'm coming you screamed back.

It was probably for dinner. Well it better be because you were hungry.

You ran out of the room. Forgetting that you were talking to Justin. You ran back for your phone and put it on silent. Your dad hates when phones ring out during family time.

"I'm here daddy, "you said. You sat down next to your brother.

You guys prayed, they talked and you just sat and ate your food.

They didn't bring up anything about Justin but you were about too.

" Well I texted Justin, " you said. Everyone at the table became quite.

Your dad then broke the silence.  
" What did he say? "Y/D asked.

" Well he explained why he did it. He wasn't really hugging. You know like if they were together she was being a thot and hugged him and he pushed her off. I didn't get to see all of it so" I explained.

"Are you gonna believe? "that Y/D asked.

" Well um, I checked my Twitter account and the trends supported his story and I also read an arti-" you got cut off by your dad.

"What are you tryna say Y/N? "your dad asked.

" Well I wanted you guys to please accept Justin and I relationship. I understand you guys met the wrong way, but he's a really nice guy and I want you guys to like him,  "I said.

" Y/N - "your mom said but got cut her off .

" Listen I won't move out I'll stay with you guys just let us be together," you begged.

"What I was gonna say Y/N was that I saw the Tweets too and I guess you guys are earth strong so you guys can be together by me, "your mom said.

You felt a little happier. It was just your brother and dad left.

" Hi whatever makes you happy I'm with it, "Y/B said. You smiled now it's just up to your dad.

" Daddy? "you asked waiting for his answer.

" I can't -" he said you interrupted him.

"You can't what dad you're older than mom. Why can't you just let me be with him. What do you mean I can't?" you shouted.

"Baby I can't let my baby girl go, "he said.

Awww. Sorry I took long. Please tell me which story should be a book. Love y'all.

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