My Plus Size Beauty Part 2

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"I like you" Justin said.

Should I not kill myself. I mean I was gonna kill myself even if my mother loved me. How am I even sure he's telling the truth.

"How do I know you're telling me the truth? "I asked.

" I can prove it I've liked you since Kindergarten I don't want you to leave please me I'll even post on my Facebook status that I have a huge crush on you" he said.

You just didn't believe it why would Justin Bieber the hottest guy in our school and  maybe the world want you, Y/N I'm an out cast. But you should let him prove it.

"Prove it Justin"  you said.

He took out his phone and clicked his Facebook app and type 'I have the hugest crush on Y/N I only wished she'd liked me back' on the link that said status.

You smiled.

"Now do you believe me? "he asked.

" Yes" you said.

"And I've had a crush on you since Kindergarten too" you said.

"Well um I guess we could be um, "he stuttered over his words he started sweating is he nervous, oh my gosh Justin Bieber is nervous to ask you to be his......

" Girlfriend" he said.

"Yes I'll love to be your girlfriend" you said.

'Dinggg' the bell rang time for break you didn't get to go to any of your classes and the periods were shorten today.

"Um Y/N, me and the guys are going to be hanging outside wanna come?" he asked is he crazy if Joshua is a part of the guys then he can forget that because he hates me.

"No I think I'll just hang around with my friends" I lied I didn't have much friends just Y/B/F/N.

"I know you're lying don't you like my friends? "he asked. You didn't want to just not go with him.

" Ok I'll go but I'll bring Y/B/F/N "you said you didn't want to just go by yourself you would out of place.

" Ok" he said.

You told your best friend Y/B/F/N and she went from 1 to 100 she had a huge crush on Justin too and she was also happy for you.

You were outside you could saw Justin and his friends.

"Y/N" he called.

You were so shy to walk over there but there was no sign of Joshua so it was gonna be ok.

You walked over there with confidence.

Y/B/F/N by your side.

"Hi Justin "you said.

" Hi Y/N" he said then placed his hands around your wist. You felt sparks just by his touch.

"So this is the girl J. B has a crush on" Za said. You knew all there names.

You looked at Justin and saw him smiling and looked at Y/B/F/N and, why the hell was she eyeing Ryan.

You and the guys were talking and seems like they really like you.

"Hi guys" you heard a ohh so familiar voice call.

You didn't want to believe it but it was Joshua.

You turned your head around and immediately he looked pissed.

"What is this - "he didn't get to finish because Justin cut him off.

" Don't start Joshua" he said.

"I saw your status man I just thought it was a joke. "

" Well it's not a fucking joke" Chaz said.

"It's ok Chaz" you said softly.

"I just don't like this fucker" he responded.

Woo I thought I was alone.

"I didn't come here to argue I came to invite the popular people to a party" he said popping the 'p' and looking at you.

You place your head down.

"Well none of us are coming" Twist said.

"Well I think my best friend would love to come" he said placing a hand on Justin.

"When you find him tell me" Justin said then you started to laugh and so did everyone else.

Joshua laughed clearly embarrassed.
He gave them the invitation it was Chesly's party.

"Why would he give the invitation to Chesly's party? "you asked.

" They're clearly fucking" Alfredo said.

"Don't say that infornt of her, her ears are virgin" Justin said.

You looked at him with the' shut up' face.

"I don't think I'm going "he said.

" You have to go" you said. You weren't invited but everyone want3 to go so if he's invited he should go.

"Ok I'll go but not without you" he said.

" So are you coming? "he asked. Should you go you thought it was a cool party but it's Chesly's party but who cares.

" Yes" you said with confidence then Justin placed his lips on yours you felt the sparks and butterflies his mouth and your mouth moved together his tongue pocked into yours. It was amazing.

"Ohhh" the boys said and Y/B/F/N.

Um part 3 I think we should see what happens at the party :-) :-).

She should whoop Chesly's ***.
Thanks for the votes and comments and to be clear I love all of you and thinks everyone is beautiful. No hate all love :-) :-)

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