Your Gonna Be Limping

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"Um Justin your the one to blame!"
you shouted.


"I wasn't flirting with no one I was asking the bartender for our drinks, while you were asking that ugly ass ain't got nothing bitch for her phone number" you said. You didn't get why Justin was mad at you he's always acting out when you talk to a guy.

"Listen don't raise your fucking voice at me" Justin yelled.

What the hell is wrong with this boy?

"I think I married a jack ass" you said softly, or so you thought because Justin heard.

"Oh so you regret marring in me hah? "Justin asked getting dangerously close to you.

" Dude I ain't afraid of you " you said. You kind of were, but your not gonna show him fear.

He came even closer to you and you didn't know that could be possible. Then he grabbed your butt and whispered in your ear" when I'm done with you, you're gonna be limping". You felt shivers run down your back.

He started pecking your lips. After he finally give you a long passionate kiss you made your arms travel to his neck. He's tongue came into the kiss fully exploring his mouth.

He whispered "jump" in your ear and you followed his instructions. He then started grinding on you. "Mmmm" you moaned in the kiss.

You felt like you were moving and when you pulled away from the kiss to look you saw Justin heading upstairs.

You two finally reach your bedroom and just lightly placed you on the bed.

"I'm a tear you up" Justin said. He started to attack your neck with little love kisses." Justin" you moaned.

"Oh so now you want to call my name after you don't want to be married to me "Justin asked.

" Baby it's just- "he cut you off by capturing your lips. His lips were soft and you both moved so the kiss could be deepen.

You started moving my hands up and down his abs tugging at the end of his shirt." Take it off baby "he said.

That's exactly what you did he later took of your shirt, shorts and underwear.

He was left in his pants and boxers which he told to take off and you did.
He started traling kiss from your neck then your stomach to your womanhood" mmmm" you moaned in pleasure.

"Oh so you like that, could he do that to you? "he asked.

" Justin I'm not - "

" Just spread your legs" he said sounding completely pissed.

You slowly did he's instructions, why argue anyway?

He hovered over you and started whispering in ear". I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll never regret we were married. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be walking for days."

You wanted to tell him just stop up and start because you were soaking wet but that would only make him talk more.

"Why'd you cheat on me? "he asked and you got missed. Justin I didn't -

" Ahhaaa "he thrust right in to you." Does he make you feel like this? "he asked going even faster.

" Ahh Justin, baby go faster!! "you shouted. He increased his speed and the bed legs started shaking.

" Can he fuck you like this huh? "he asked/shouted angrily.
" Ahhhh Justin no, no one can but you ahhh. "

" Fuck your tight" he said going with even more speed. You didn't even know that was possible but he did it.

"Ohhh right there "you moaned.
He then brought you to the end of tue bed stood up and started bounding in you.

" Who*ohh* you *ugg *belong* fuck* to. "

" You" you answered.

"What's my name? "he asked.

" Justinnnnnn" you screamed.

"Wrong? "he said and he pound into you real hard.

" Ahhh daddy" you said.

"I can't hear you" he said.

"Daddyyyyy!! "you shouted.

" Yeah just like that" he said with a smirk.

"Uhh babe I'm about to cumm" you said.

"Oh hell no" he said.

He climbed on the bed and lay down and said "ride me please."

You went on top him and started bouncing.

"Oh fuck your good" he said.

"Ahhh Justin I don't think I can hold it any more! "you shouted.

He then lift you up, high above his head and then brought you down on how staff. He then started to explore your juices, you and him came at the same time.

A couple of thrusts and you to started cuddling.

" Baby do you really regret marring me? "he asked.

" No baby I was just mad at you," you said.

I'm gonna take a shower you said raising to your feet only to come tumbling down again. Justin ran helped you up.

"Oh Justin can you helpr to the bathroom? "you asked.

" Only if we have a round 2."

Still didn't give him his blow job.

Ok sorry I took long it was a little hard. Love y'all hope y'all liked it.

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